Strawberry Thief...

See that little tiny strawberry emery dangling from brown bird's beak?
You have no idea how many times this poor little strawberry
got fished out of the cat's water dish
then placed in the sun to dry,
before the piece was finished
secured within the bird's beak...
Three times to be exact.

The new pincushion now sits on my old cupboard
with other sewing ditties
guess who thinks
is now part of the display???

So please tell me,
is that a look of guilt
or a look of

I think what those big blue eyes are telling me
is a story that goes like this...
If I sit here like a pretty kitty
look at the strawberry
maybe she'll go away
and forget about our games of hide and seek.

Have a good day,


Gabi said...

Neither I would say. Following me that look is full of disgust about the fact that you stole her strawberry. She stole it fair and square after all!!!

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

That is a look of innocence for sure !!! lol Beautiful!! Both kitty & Strawberry pinkeep.

Mad Red Hare said...

At our house, the project of choice is a felt penny. I finally gave up. It has been fished out from under various cabinets so many times and is covered in cat hair!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I will happily take your dear kitty's case and plead INNOCENT!! There certainly are mitigating circumstances here - and perhaps a wee bit of entrapment....How could she possibly resist??! That strawberry is so very enticing....plus - she looks like she SHOULD be part of your wonderful display!!! (We could do a contingency fee arrangement...She won't owe a dime unless we win!!) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Miss Stacy said...

Loved, loved, loved the post! Too cute! :-)

Mouse said...

heheheh the first picture defo says "who me ???" and the second "whoops been rumbled" ... its is small, it moves and therefore very tempting for pussy cat paws :) ..lol love mouse xxx

Chris said...

Definitly guilty! My one cat loves the fob on my favorite pair of scissors. I have to hide them in a pouch. and why do things have to go in the water dish?? geesh

Tatkis said...

Lovely strawberry and bird pincushion!
And those cute cat certainly looks innocent (the cats always are ;))

Best wishes,

Penny said...

The second pic of your adorable kitty looks like she might just be hanging her head in shame.... Guilty as charged!
My cat has had several of my old rag balls unrolled so many times, and it's hard to find a place for them where he can't reach them!

Unknown said...

Hee..Hee!!! I think that is a guilty kitty trying to look innocent!!! That strawberry is just cute to resist.

Valerie said...

I think it is a look of, "Why did you attach my strawberry to THAT thing? Don't you know that was my new toy? Geez!"

I just love kitties and their antics!

Nancy said...

Oh, I think she is trying to figure out a way to make the whole pincushion disappear in revenge for you taking away her strawberry!! Cats are like that you know! lol

Jan said...

Well, at least your thief is stealing the stuffed ones, My thief is stealing them off the vine. Yep check her out.
I have to watch Phoebe like a hawk when we go the the strawberry fields. heheh
Very cute kitty.

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, that look is definitely hope!! Hope that you won't notice if she steals the strawberry again! She's beautiful though. I love Siamese and Himalayan cats. Gorgeous!!! (And didn't you know it's HER house. You just live there to wait on her and pay the bills.)

kathy said...

Is your puss a Birman or a colourpoint Persian? If he/she is the former I would say guilty ... I have a very naughty Birman named Noodle who has that same innocent butter wouldn't melt in my mouth look. "Who me?"

Lynn said...

Now with such a sweet face how could she possibly be guilty? That strawberry was just there for the taking! But what's with leaving it in the water dish. I just don't get that. Our Clarisse loves to drop off her toy mice in the water bowl too.
Loved this post. Just too cute!!