A good part of my pattern design process is making changes once the piece is almost completed.
Tweaking, if you will.
Often times starting all over...

Why is it that I have to have a piece almost finished before I know whether I like it or not????
{sigh, again}
I asked Mary Etherington from Country Threads this very question, and she seems to have the same problem...so I guess I'll consider myself in good company! Except she makes quilts, big quilts...yikes!

this is where I am with the little stitching companion piece,
asking myself the following...

Is the paint choice correct?

Should it have been a softer shade of paint, perhaps creamy butter yellow?

Should I have grained the paint?

Do I like the chenille trim?
(the chenille trim has already replaced a border of button hole stitches that edged the piece)

Should I have waited for the hand dyed trims from R& R to work into this piece, cause I just know they are going to be yummy? (Yes, I think their hand dyed trims are arriving today...watch our blog and website for these details)
sorry, got side tracked there...

Does there need to be a couple more motifs stitched on the piece,
or is the simplicity of the piece
just fine?

Less is more, right???

This is how I'm spending my day,
how are you spending yours?

With thy Needle & Thread,


Penny said...

OMG, another new pattern! I love it when you tease us with new things that we have no idea is in the works. Whatever that is, I love it, but of course I love everything you do! Any hints on when it might be available?

Babs in Alabama said...

Spending my day about the same over different stuff :) Love all your patterns so know this one will be exactly as it should.
BTW, I love "Soar, Rosa, soar!" Rosa is perfect!

mdgtjulie said...

Good luck with the tweaking. I'm so glad I'm not a designer!!! Today I have a few errands to run, then I'll be stitching!

marly said...

I am spending the day contemplating how to end my misery over a sewing pocket fiasco! All my changes ruined the piece's linen edges. I am so fickle - from now on - first choice rules!!

Anonymous said...

I usually go back to my first choice. It doesn't matter if it's paint color for the walls, thread and linen color for a project or any other color decision that revolves around my life :-)
Can't wait to see your new project, Brenda!

TheCrankyCrow said...

ahhhh....a kindred mind. Doesn't it drive you nutty crazy??! :o) But at least yours is fruitful in the end!! The little tease is looking good...without seeing all, I'm liking the paint....and, no, don't grain - too hard for the rest of us!! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Theresa said...

I do the same kind of second-guessing as I'm stitching one of my designs. I do a lot of tearing out (usually because of color). I think you do a great job designing -- obviously the tweaks work just great. (But I like the paint I saw on this picture...stick with that green/grey with the graining.) Love your stuff! (Shakespeare's Peddler)