Bittersweet Harvest!

Once again it's that time of year...
bittersweet harvest!

I love the smell of it's damp leaves...the smell of autumn.
It's that unmistakably smell that you smell just once a year.

It's best picked before the husk burst.
I like to bring it inside where it is warmer and dryer, 
and then awake to a whole new looking vine!
The tiny husks have burst open to expose their brilliant orange fruit.
The best color of orange that there is!
Nature is so magical...

I have used this beautiful vine as inspiration in two upcoming cross stitch designs.  They are more harvest & autumn-themed.    Two designs that can be left out through the Thanksgiving season.

Sneak peek of  "Queen of Harvest"....
Bittersweet, pumpkins & acorns...

Sneak peek of "Where the Bittersweet Blooms"...
a sweet and quick - to - stitch autumn time sampler...

Watch for these two new arrivals next week!

Tis going to be another beautiful autumn day here, 
enjoy your day!