Lesson 2

It's time for Lesson #2 of the Lessons in Abecedarian Summer Schoolhouse Series!  
This lesson consists of two tiny projects, learning to stitch letters HIJK and LMNOP

Meet Pretty Miss Polly and Little Master Tommy...
I am reading on various social networking sites that this series is your first experience with working over 1 thread.  This makes me so happy.  The little extra time that it takes to adjusting to this "tiny work" is so rewarding,  the end results are beautiful.  Once you master the tension of the stitch, along with some repetition, you become much more proficient in stitching. 

These tiny little pillows tuck so sweetly into a glass jar filled with buttons,scissors, old thimbles or any other stitching goodies you may have.  

The smallness of these are hard to capture in a photo.  They measure just 3" tall.

Lastly, Lesson #2 has it's own Needle Nanny's to keep your needles safe & secure.
Tiny & precious too...

Special price on these are 2/$20.00 for a limited time at www.countrystitchesonline.com

Watch for the patterns to start arriving in your LNS around the 1st of August.

With thy Needle & Thread,