Well, hi there!


Yea, brought a few patterns home to bag.

Need help?

Sure, you want to collate or bag?

Well actually, I was thinking more along the lines of rubber banding...

Can you count to 12?


 count out twelve patterns
 and then put a rubber band around each bundle
 of 12.

I can't believe she fell for this!
Stupid humans.

Let's see here...

she said
 12 patterns per bundle,

I just need a little mouth/paw coordination
and I should be good to go,

here we go...
she wants these rubber bands where?
Does she have any idea how bad these rubber bands taste?

this pattern
 folding & bagging
 business is for the birds...
Did I say birds?
That's what I should be doing right now,
bird watching...

What are you doing?

 we don't play with the rubber bands...

 shooting rubber bands

Yea, yea, yea....

What's that ?
Dave Letterman?
You think you're ready
for stupid pet tricks
 on the
Dave Letterman show?
(human mom is trying not to laugh)

How many rubber band shooting cats do you know?

Just one,
that would be
 favorite fur child!

Have a good evening,


School Days...

The last & final
 in the Word Play Series...
this month is honoring the teacher.

While stitching this back-to-school themed Word Play,
it brought back those school memories...
getting new sneakers,
the smell of a new box of crayons,
new pencils & notebooks,
watching for the school bus
missing the school bus...
favorite teachers,
favorite teacher quotes,
"take out a quarter sheet of notebook paper & number 1 through 10",
a daily quote from my favorite teacher,
Mr. Wetzler.
My high school biology & anatomy teacher...
1/4 sheet of notebook paper
for our daily quizzes...
he was not only teaching us about his subjects,
but also,
to conserve and not be wasteful...
a life time lesson.

Which leads me to a favorite quote,
"to teach is to touch a life forever"...
So hats off to all the teachers,
this months
 Word Play
 is for you!

I am coming off an operating software failure with my computer,
no data was lost
thanks to my external backup.
I'm back up and running,
sort of...

 I am having issues downloading CS5,
my graphics program,
 and hopefully
will have this ironed out by today's end,
with tech support.
With this said,
there may be a slight delay (by a day or 2)
 in the release of Septembers Word Play,
as this is the program that houses my pattern cover template...

Have a good day,


10,000 sore butts

sweaty pits.
that would be 20,000 sweaty pits...
The hottest week of the year.
The week that 10,000 plus bikers
take to their saddles
and ride across our state.
Somewhere in that crowd is the dear husband and son.
I visit the photo gallery of www.ragbrai.com daily
to see if I can see anyone that resembles my two boys.
( 3 photos courtesy of ragbrai.com)
From there I look at handle bars...
handle bars
in their Alma mater colors,
Cardinal & Gold...

A week on their bikes by day,
sleeping in hot steamy tents
by night...
a little father & son time.
So as you can imagine,
 with the sweltering heat,
I've done my share of worrying this week
about them.
Wednesday was reported as the toughest day of RAGBRAI,
It was the optional 100 mile loop day,
strong head winds
temperatures of 106 degrees.
The dear husbands response that day,
"It was a challenge".
He likes these sort of challenges...
for me,
I would rather take on the challenge
of my border meeting as I place the
final cross stitch in it!
We all know this can be a challange!
Yesterday was an easier day for the bikers,
85 miles,
 3,576 climb.
Last evenings text message from the dh went like this,
"We survived another day, 85 miles.
  Very pretty
 rolling countryside
Marshalltown & Cedar Rapids."
A week of father/son time,
a challenge,
pretty rolling countryside
kissed with misty dew
in the early mornings...
reasons he says he does the ride.
A bucket list sort of thing...
I have much easier things on my bucket list,
more along the lines of attending the Olympics someday.
I've got this evening all planned out.
A dinner of leftover casserole
(it has been a week of making dishes that the dh doesn't particularly like, but I do)
 then in front of the TV to watch the opening ceremonies...
I can hardly wait!
 of course,
 will have some stitching at hand.
The JM Gardner 1888 antique reproduction sampler
will by my Olympic stitching for these games...
Stitching and cheering on
a little gymnast from Virginia,
who now lives and trains in Iowa,
Gabby Douglas.

I finished charting the sampler last evening
and will prep the edges of my linen this morning.
 Here is a peak
at  my floss selection.
As you can see,
I changed it slightly...
I'm going for a finer,
more delicate finish...

I think it will be lovely!




I'm sorry about my absence here,
 I just haven't had the energy to do much beyond work.

 I think I'm starting to wilt...
too many days of triple digits. 

 The heat just zaps me.
  It isn't the normal pretty green that we are used to this time of year in Iowa.
 The lawns are brown and crunchy,
 only the weeds are thriving, 
and the farmers corn fields are starting to fire.
  Firing is when the corn starts to dry up bottom to top....it is dying.
Sad surroundings,
 and it just seems to put you in a sad state of mind.
We all could use a little bit of this...
Since my last blog posting, I have purchased a new antique sampler,
J.M. Gardner, 1888.
It's one of those samplers
 where you like it,
 not totally
love it...
if that makes any sense!

 The sampler is worked on an 8 count canvas,
using thick bulky wool yarn...yuck! 
The orange is a bit too bright for me.
I love, love, love
the little floral arbor
over the garden gate...
don't you think?
My plans are to
 reproduce and revise
 the color scheme.
I think it would be lovely
 worked in softer muted flosses
within the same color scheme.
The sampler measures about 16" square.
The sampler is backed with newspaper.  
 The article talks about a bad storm, gale force winds
including a couple of towns that were heavily damaged.
I'm hopeful this will be helpful in learning more about
the 12 year old, J.M. Gardner who stitched this sampler.

first things first...
Francis Pool needs to be finished first!

I'm getting close to a finish on this piece!
I always struggle with changing a reproduction.
I like to stay true to the antique...
See the floral border?
  The flower blooms, stems and leaves were all
stitched in the same color...
this bothered me.
After much
do I?
don't I?...
I decided to put my signature on the piece
 by switching the floss out to green,
it makes me feel better!

Stay cool,



(I'm whispering this...
it's a secret)

 There are 9 school girls scissors now available.  I got my hands on 9 more pairs of the scissors, that's all there are for now folks!  If you want a pair of these, hurry on over to here to purchase.  Hurry though, they will not last long!

And if you don't get in on these 9, no crying,  there will be more when I can get more of the scissors.  And for the inquiring minds... more floss keeps will be made too, when our charms shipment arrives.

Have a good day,


New photos for the brag book...

The grand darlings were our 4th of July guests! 
Like everywhere else,
it was a hot & sweltering day
here in Iowa...
the cool wind off the lake
was our only relief,
as we took in the parade.

Momma dressed the little darlings 
in their little patriotic outfits,
and we tried our hardest
 to get a photo
 of Beckham and Avry together...
a tricky feat,
to say the least.
Big brother at times 
was holding little Avry 
 like a bag of potatoes!
Needless to say,
 photographer Grandma had to work rather quickly,
as assistant Grandpa stood off to the side
to be the spotter...
I love these baby headbands.
I'm pretty certain
 that if they were around when their momma was a baby,
she would have had one in every color
and would have worn one
every day :)
I probably would have even been making them...
 even selling patterns to make them!
I usually poke little flags into my flower pots this time of year,
but the 4th seemed to have snuck up on me this year
 and it didn't get done...
so Beckham got to take a flag to the parade.
He was all about waving the flag...
so cute!
We didn't put the flag down...
He just stood at full attention
and took in the sights and sounds of the parade...
only putting it down 
to open a piece of freshly tossed candy...
As for Avry,
she didn't need a piece of candy,
her new found thumb
was her sweet!
She's working on mastering how far
she can stick it into her mouth without gagging!
At dusk we took in the fireworks over the lake.  
Prior to, 
we explained to Beckham that there would be some loud booms,
 but there was nothing to be afraid of. 

   He kept reassuring us that,
"Beckhams not afraid of the fire-works eder (either)."
 At the 15 minute from fireworks boom, we walked down to the lake.  
Over and over
we heard,
"Beckhams not afraid of the fireworks Momma",
at least a hundred times,
in the two block walk.
Pretty soon I hear Daddy say,
"do you suppose he has himself convinced yet that he's not afraid of the fireworks"!!

He tried his hardest to be brave,
with only one minor melt down
from fear.
We got home from the fireworks and I asked him if he was afraid of the fireworks...
in his deep voice he said, "no".
I then asked him if he was just a teensy tiny bit afraid of the fireworks...
and in his deep voice
he said,

Grandkids are a blast,
no pun intended...
they really are!

Have a good day,