A year in review
of pattern designs
brought to you 
Country Stitches - With thy Needle & Thread...
The year of 2011 was a good year for Country Stitches - With thy Needle & Thread. There were a few firsts for us in 2011...
Began our first Mystery Sampler Club (Birds of a Feather), 
reproduced three antique reproductions samplers,
started a new monthly series,
Word Play.
Designed a limited edition pattern
titled Soar,
for all the eagle followers 
of the Decorah, Iowa eagle cam.
A donation of over $2000.00
was made to the Raptor Resource Organization
  from portions
of the proceeds
from this
cross stitch chart.

As 2011 is coming to an end and we hang our new 2012 calendars,
I reflect upon the past year
and look towards the new year...
what to bring our customers
in the form of needlework patterns
for the upcoming year???

I am always open to your comments,
and suggestions...
so let us know what you'd like to see
in patterns from us.

I tend to follow the saying, "if it's not broken, don't fix it"...
so you can expect more new pattern designs
in cross stitch and punch needle,
as this is what you all seem to be wanting from us.
It's been fun hearing from customers who are now
getting back into cross stitch,
many haven't picked up a needle and linen in 20 plus years
we are also hearing from new customers
who want to learn the art of punch needle
on a daily basis...

A NEW pattern series
will be released in 2012
that I'm very excited about!
Stay tuned for more details to come..
think tiny,
think purse,
think wear them around your neck...
This series will include cross stitch, punch needle & wool applique/embroidery.

Also in the plans for 2012
are more antique samplers, from my personal collection,
will be reproduced.
More of my punch needle designs
will be converted into cross stitch charts.
And a few surprises are in store for you in 2012,
we'll keep them,
just that...

I'd like to say "THANK YOU"
to all our customers
for supporting Country Stitches/With thy Needle & Thread
in 2011,
making it
one of our best years
to date.
I appreciate your patronage, loyalty, friendship
and enjoy keeping you all in stitches.

Wishing you all a
filled with
good health,


February's Word Play

is here!
The printing is done,
my office is lined with stacks of them everywhere
I must admit,
I love the smell of freshly printed patterns...

  The weekend will be spent packaging
so we can begin shipping next week.

A word about floss kits for this 12 month series...we will stock a particular month's floss kit for 2 months.  Currently we are selling floss kits for December, January and February.  November kit will fall off as soon as we are sold out of them (only a couple remain).  When March's pattern releases, the December floss kit will fall off and so on down the line.    So...if you want floss kits for these, do not delay!

We will have full and partial floss kits for the February Word Play.  The partial floss kit is for those of you who have already purchased flosses for the October, November, December and January kits...you then will not need to purchase all of February's flosses.  If you are just jumpin' on the Word Play bandwagon and haven't done all of the months, you will want to purchase a full floss kit.

I am also receiving questions about auto-ships...
there is no auto-ship available for this series.

Country Stitches' shipping 
is closed through January 2nd.
  We'll be back to shipping orders on the 3rd of January,
for those of you who placed orders,
during the holiday shut-down. 

Happy New Year everyone,


Watching Grass Grow???

Well... Agassi must have been a good boy,
because Santa
brought him Kitty Grass Kits
for Christmas.
Agassi loves kitty grass...

I planted Agassi's grass for him
and found a nice sunny spot for his grass to grow in,
on the end of our kitchen table,
near the big sunny window...
placement of grass was
unbeknownst to this fur child (so I thought). 

  Upon returning home from the grocery store yesterday,
with my soup-makin' goodies,
 this is what I found
sitting on my kitchen table ...
Agassi always always practices good kitty manners
stays off the counters
and kitchen table...   
and if those big blue eyes could talk,
I just know they were telling me,
I'm just
simply watching
my  grass grow...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Thanks You for all your get- well wishes!
  Sounds like everyone in blog land has had this crud.
Why shoot, 
if we didn't all live in all the corners of the world,
I would have invited
you all over
for hot tea and honey.  
We could have sat around
blown our red noses together!!!

The chicken soup was delicious, 
I enjoyed it by myself 
as the dh is out of town on business.
I had some leftover cream from the holidays, 
so I added it to the broth
and turned it into creamy chicken noodle soup...yummers! 

The sore throat is better,
I'm just now to the coughing stage...
you know,
can't get it up,
can't get it down!
Feels like I have a hunk of gunk, the size
of Rhode Island, residing in my throat...
other then that
I think I might survive!
Have a good day,



Sipping hot green tea & honey
making homemade chicken noodle soup
were not on my list of things to do
during this time away from work,
vacation from work,
or whatever you want to call it...

I seemed to have caught the sniffles that were going around the family at Christmas time...
sore throat, body aches, sinus gunk,
an overall feeling of 

I'm hoping the chicken soup simmering on the stove will work wonders and I'll be good as new
in the morning...

who has a kleenex stuck up her nose to stop the dripping so she can type...


Coming Home...

A favorite verse,
especially at Christmas time... 
Having my family home at the holidays 
is the best gift from
thee to me.
It's all I want for Christmas...
I cherish this family time,
the coming home
for Christmas time.



Whoever said...

this guiding Santa's sleigh is easy stuff,
has had a few
too many 
egg nogs!

Just ask my human mom, 
it cost her
"purrt near"
a whole bag of kitty treats....

Meowy Christmas Everyone,


Home for the Holidays

I've had several emails from you all wanting and wondering if there is, or is there going to be a pattern for the Christmas scene banner at the top of my blog.  This banner was created with the motifs for the HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS pattern, I just sort of squished everything together in a row, rather then in a stocking shape!  So yes, there is a pattern...kind of... and it is for sale under the CROSS STITCH category, sub-category PATTERNS on our website.

Also, am thrilled beyond thrilled, that you all aren't expecting some goofy leprechaun on March's Word Play...that's a relief!   Thanks for you input!  Release date for February's Word Play is January 3rd, upon returning from our year end shut down.

Have a good evening,


Working on February's...

Word Play
stressing over
March's Word Play...
I just am really struggling with leprechauns...
wish me luck...
off to eat my morning bowl
of Lucky Charms...

Have a good week everyone,


Noise over head...

This evening,
upon leaving the house,
the sky over-head was full of crows,
lots of crows,
lots of noisy crows.

My first thought was,
we are going to get do-doed on,
and my second thought was,
don't look up!
don't look up
when crows are over head...

Several years ago,
I received a phone call from daughter Erin,
when she was a student at ISU.
She was crying and in distress,
sobbing really...
She had just gotten home
from a student health visit
after looking up,
into the crow-filled trees
on campus
bingo bango...
crow poop
right in her eye.

She's crying,
telling Mom what happened,
and Mom is trying her hardest not to laugh...
maybe I did laugh...
(no mother of the year awards for me)

So long story short,
a crow has very acidic do-do
and it causes
the eye to mucus
over rather quickly,
thus the need for medical attention
and eye drops
to prevent infection.

whenever I see crows,
as I did this evening,
I think of Erin
then always think...
don't look up!

But I just couldn't help myself,
the amount of crows in the sky
was totally amazing
they seemed to be very agitated.
Agitated birds
usually mean there are larger birds of prey
in the area.

Then I spotted it,
a Great Horned Owl!

Wishing so badly
that my night time photography skills
were better,
as it would have been
a very very cool picture.

For those of you who haven't seen one of these guys,
they are big...
they stand about 2 feet tall
and have distinct horns on their head.

(Above is a borrowed photo from Audubon)
Isn't he pretty?
Just look at those eyes...

I'm supposing
the fella out in our tree
is using those big eyes,
in search
the Peter Rabbits
that come to feed on
dropped bird seed
in our yard at night.
I know,
poor bunnies...

Have a good week,


I'm still here...

there is just no time for blogging.
putting in long days
filling and packaging
your orders
getting them on their way...

Our Christmas cut off date of December 8th has now come and gone. We no longer can meet the delivery of in stock items in time for Christmas Eve delivery. And a friendly reminder...as our website and shopping cart states, please allow 10 - 14 days of time for delivery of your order during the months of September - December. With the brisk shopping on CYBER MONDAY it is closer to the 14 days, then 10.... This applies to domestic orders only, international deliveries can take 2 - 4 weeks.


For those of you waiting for either single skeins of floss #1101 Light Khaki from Weeks Dye Works or the complete floss kits for "Boughs of Holly", the floss arrived yesterday and those shipped yesterday, as well.

Til later,



Snow in the Forecast

and these spring-colored
are screaming
at me...
The linen is now here,
flosses are chosen,
let the stitching begin on the Spring Sampler of the Season.

Now is my next dilemma...
do I stitch it myself
pass it on to one of my model stitchers?
I estimate 77 hours of stitching time on this piece (ouch),
yes it gets expensive to hire...
I'm asking myself
when I'm going to find the 77 hours
to stitch this...

There is this little monthly
pattern series called
Word Play
that has us hoppin'.
Which reminds me, I need to put the finishing touches to
the February chart
and start the stitching (eekkk)
Too bad I require sleep...

Which also reminds me it is December,
Christmas is less then a month away (eeekkkkk again),
no gifts are bought, :\
I have bought the gift wrap ;)
the trees not up,
the wreaths aren't hung,
the lights aren't strung,
I haven't ordered my garland yet,
we may just have to be this house...
I'm in a tizzy
can you tell?
Too bad I require sleep...

Sorry, got lost there in all that fretting...
The original release date was December 21st, however due to a delay in getting the linen, the release for the Spring Sampler of the Season will need to be pushed back...hoping for mid January. This sampler is not as seasonal as the Autumn and Winter's, it is really an everyday sampler, with just hints of Spring.

The Weeks Parchment 30 count linen for the Mansion at Fox Hollow is HERE! Yes, you heard me correctly...it's been a long wait. For those of you who have been so patiently waiting for this, we thank you for being so patient. The darling husband has offered to work at Country Stitches this cold Saturday, and guess what what he gets to do? He doesn't know this yet, but he gets to cut linen! We'll start sending the linen to those of you who have it on back order on Monday. If there is any left after the back orders are filled we'll re-list this as an in-stock item on the website for purchase. We also got a partial shipment of the 35 count Abecedarian and 30 count Iced Cappuccino too, those are now listed as in stock on our site. Still waiting for the 35 count Straw by Weeks...


Twismas Twees...

Beckham went Christmas tree shopping with Mommy & Grandma
and was adamant about the two tiny
"twismas twees"
coming into the house,
with him,
upon arrival...

Momma really bought them to put in a big pot for outdoor decorating...
Beckham had his own plans for the twees...

no lights or ornaments needed...
Just Thomas the Train,
and a train track,
will do,
for this 3 year old.

Have a good night,