New Patterns!

This is my favorite time of the year!
Summer is in full swing,
with the first day of school just around the corner.
It is this time of year that we start gathering projects
for the next seasons and upcoming holidays.
Oh, and did I mention
sweet corn and fresh garden tomatoes?
BLT's, too!

New Halloween & Everyday patterns are ready!
Autumn-themed and Christmas to follow in mid-August.

"Hallow-day" Inn
 -worked on 32 count linen (1 over 2) -
A fun little Halloween piece that I chose a simple finish for.  Edges are just turned under and I will pin it to an old cupboard door with stick pins.

"Gardener Goode Witch"
- worked on 32 count linen (1 over 2) -
This was really a fun stitch!   I finished this into a long & skinny pillow with rusty bells sewn to each end.  Have you tried the new count linens from Week Dye Works?  I used their 32 count, color - Linen for this piece...love the linen, it is gorgeous and has such a wonderful feel in hand. 

"Bittersweet & Broomsticks"
And for all you punch needle enthusiasts, a little something for you, too!  This piece coordinates very well with either new cross stitch design.  I chose to mount this on a paper mache' box that I painted and finished with a hand-grained finish.  

"Blue Bunting"
 This spring I had the pleasure of being hostess to a pair of indigo buntings.  They could be found each morning nibbling on the grape jam.  They were the inspiration for this design.  The design is worked on 32 count linen (1 over 1)  I chose the pocket watch frame finish for this.  I gathered a couple of small old books and attached it with some vintage seam tape ribbon.  A tiny bundle of wild rose hips add just a little more detail to the finish.

"Summer Saltbox"
My dream home...a saltbox! 
 I love all their windows,  the simplicity and clean lines of this style of home. 
Fluffy sheep, towering sunflowers and the abc's make for a sweet little sampler.
I plan to tie some hemp cording onto this piece and wear it with a chambray dress.
The design is worked on 32 count (1 over 1).

Have a good weekend,


New Patterns & New Arrivals..of the feather type!

Happy to share with you 3 new sampler designs 
for your summer-time stitching pleasure!

"Sampler Hill"

"Heart of the Home Sampler"

A special "THANK YOU"
 goes out to 
Suzanne Garber
April Taylor
 for their beautiful work on these two samplers.

"Mary Jane Smallman, 1836"

Also happy to announce we have babies!  You may recall from my recent "bird posts" about our sassy little Robin that we fed grape jam to this spring?  My husband was convinced she was just too lazy to hunt for worms,  and I was convinced maybe she just craved grape jam...all expectant momma's  crave something, right? ;)

Here is momma.  She has moved onto a diet of insects and worms and can be found most days sitting in our little red bud tree.

Keeping a careful watch over these....
 Three little, naked babies. 
 She built her nest in a little row of shrubs that hug the corner of our house.   I enjoy the bird's eye view of the nest outside the bathroom window.  I would like to think it is her way of saying, "thanks for all that grape jam!"     

You will notice little robin motifs on the new Sampler Hill and Heart of the Home Sampler.  I guess you could say this robin had a little hand in my spring designs!  "Thank You, Robin"

I hope everyone has a good week,


Meet Mary!

Happy to share
Mary Jane Smallman, 1836 
- an antique reproduction - 

Mary Jane Smallman was my January 1, 2014 start. 
 This was my early morning stitch,
 with my morning coffee,
 and it took me about a month to complete.

I really enjoyed stitching this piece, 
it was such a fun stitch!
 The floss selection was so refreshing,
 the border so delicate,
simple & sweet.

Mary Jane was just 7 years old.  
Of the antique samplers
 that grace the walls of my home,
 Mary was the youngest needle-worker,
so this sampler is very dear to me.

The verse that Mary chose to stitch
 was written in a 1790's book called,
 Sermon to Children. 
 The verse was later composed into a children's hymn in 1866.

I chose to reproduce the sampler just as Mary stitch the original,
 leaving the verse run into 
beyond the sweet little lavender chain-style border.  
You wouldn't expect the work of a 7 year old to be perfect,
so I felt it was perfect to leave it as is.

                The antique Mary Jane Smallman, 1836...

Chart coming soon!

Wishing you all a safe & happy holiday weekend, filled with family, friends & fun!