Happy Birthday Matthew!

Wishing you the best today
on your 30th Birthday! 
30 years, how did this happen so fast?!!
Enjoy your day!
Mom & Dad 
{Photos were taken during Matthew's visit home last summer.  He and a couple high school friends participated in their first half-triathlon.  The above photo was taken by me.  All my photos from this day are a bit fuzzy...mother's nerves, you know!    The above photo makes me laugh... at the time I was taking this photo, I didn't even realize that his dad was on the other side of the path taking a photo too!  A two fingers up gesture to his Dad, must mean it's a piece of cake, right?
Have a good week everyone, tis a cold, windy and snowy day here,



Framed & all done!

The lovely frame for "The Bee Keeper's Sampler" arrived yesterday.   I snuck home, earlier then normal, to get the piece pinned, finished, framed and photographed while the natural lighting was good for picture taking.  Was feeling really good about meeting the March 15th date, that I anticipated the patterns would be ready.

After the pattern cover layout was completed, and I was about ready to start printing, I screamed "oh nuts!"...I actually might have said more then "oh nuts!", but where is the N?  No N?  We can't have a sampler with no N!!!  We can have J's missing, and the U or V (whichever it is...can't remember which it is), but not the N!  How would I explain this!  So, after a sleepless night, I awoke early and started frogging...the sampler now has a N and printing of the charts will begin today.   Everyone that has the pattern pre-ordered, it will ship Monday.  If you ordered just linen and the chart, they will both ship together on Monday, as well...we've had your linen set aside and saved for you.

The frame I chose, is a beautifully hand-grained frame from Valley House Primitives.    The specifics of the frame are as follows:
Front opening measures 8 3/8" x 10 1/4".
Profile: MCN
Color: Tavern Gold  
Design: hairpin/corner fans. 
Take note, this opening size accommodates 40 count linen, working over 2 threads.  If you are interested in finishing you frame with this look, contact Janet at Valley House Primitives to purchase your frame.  Her contact is valleyhouseprim@aol.com    Their frames are meticulously handcrafted, and Janet is wonderful to work with.

Short post today, have lots and lots to do....will be a working weekend for me.    The dear husband and I are sneaking off to the beaches of Florida for a few days for a little R&R.  My sketch pad and stitching will travel with me...I just can't seem to ever leave them behind...vacation or no vacation!  {sigh}

Enjoy your weekend,

The cute little wax bars are back in stock...we have a few matching needle keeps left too!  Check them out under the NEW ITEMS category.  New charts are arriving daily and the website continues to be updated with new goodies!


From X's to loops!

I've had some requests for the "Three Tulips" cross stitch chart
 to be offered in punch needle. 
For those inquiring minds, I'm working on it!
I was worried about those little bluebirds getting too small for punch needle....
 I think they'll be okay! 
 The little flitting bluebirds are only about a scant 1/2".
They'll look more defined,
of course,
when the background gets filled in. 

I'm done with the main design area
 and will move onto the letters & background area
 this evening.
What do you think? 
 Do you like light backgrounds or dark backgrounds? 
 It can't be too dark or the leaves won't show up,
 and yet,
 it can't be too light or we'll lose the bunny...
this is always a dilemma when selecting thread choices...
Happy Hump day...
it's all downhill from here,


Announcement, please take note!

The time has come to make this announcement, as things have really started to get a little out of control... I'm asking for your help with this.
Once you place an online order it can no longer be added to, or combined with other previously placed orders.    If you want all items shipped together, then PLEASE order them all on the same transaction.   
These situations cause re-work, re-entering of data, waste of paper, thumbing through stacks of orders & PayPal transacations to locate the various mulitiple orders, and issuing the shipping refunds.  This all takes valuable time that could be spent filling/shipping other customers orders.   These situations causes confusion and shipping delays.  It's one step forward, two steps back....none of us like these kind of days.

I'm asking that you take your time & shop carefully, making sure you aren't forgetting anything!!   Thanks a bunch and I appreciate your help with this.
That all... I'll fly away now, on my broom ;)
Have a good evening,


New Patterns!

 stitching friends
After several months of planning, designing & stitching,
I'm happy to show you all
 whats been keeping me busy ~
"The Candlestick Maker"
A sweet simple little sampler featuring the candlestick maker and his wife.  Each are holding tiny candle sticks.   With a close & careful look, you will find tiny candles burning in a few of the house windows.  Sampler is worked in muted, colonial times, floss colors of mustards, brick reds, tin blues and smokey blacks.    Design is worked on 40 count linen over 2 threads.
Below is the companion piece
 to the Candlestick Maker Sampler...
"The Bee Keeper's Sampler"
This design didn't quite" make the bus" to market, but will be released around mid- March.  I have it just digitally framed above.     I will be finishing this sampler in a beautiful hand-grained frame from Valley House Primitives.  This sampler too, is worked in wonderful muted shades of mustard golds, faded rusty reds, and tinflashing grey-blues.  We will be taking pre-orders for this design, with a mid-March ship date.    There will also be two NEW Floss Keeps featuring these two companion samplers!
  Sampler beautifully stitched by model stitcher, April Taylor.
 X X X X X X
"Three Tulips"
Alphabet, rabbit, urn and three tulips...simple, yet a stunning "Spring-time" sampler.   I'm thinking this tulip-filled urn may have had more then three tulips at one time....what say you?   I chose an antique picture frame for the finish on this sampler.    Design is worked on 40 count linen over 2 threads.  
 Sampler beautifully stitched by model stitcher, Suzanne Garber.
 X X X X X X X
"Basketful of Spring Time"
A unique and quick-stitch pillow for your spring-time decorating.   I like the "neutralness" & "simpleness" of this piece.    Springtime motifs are worked on a piece of linen that gets turned into a flower basket and then hand-appliqued onto pillow top.  The pillowcase is also cross stitch linen.  Use of vintage silk ribbon bow and antique button flowers, adds extra charm and simple detail to this pillow.  I'm hoping to design other seasonal basket pillows....keep a watchful eye out for future designs for Summer, Winter & Fall.

"Crumpets & Tea"
A pillow featuring my version of a poem written by Jessica Nelson North.  Jessica was born in Madison WI, in 1891, she was a children's literature writer.    Her original version of this little saying was published in 1912.  It's a verse that I find fitting for myself.
  I love to start a early summer morning off outdoors,
 enjoying the gardens & the songs of birds,
 while sipping my morning cup
 enjoying a sweet.
"A garden tea party of three...
twas me, myself & I...
I ate all the berries & cream,
myself ate all the crumpets,
twas also I
who ate the pie,
and passed the tea to me."

Design is worked on 40 count linen over two threads.  I chose to finish it into a pillow trimmed in ruched vintage seam tape.  The pillow will sit in a chippy painted antique child's chair
 in my kitchen
 and it will remind me
 of those quiet summer morning hours
that I so enjoy. 
Sampler beautifully stitched by model stitcher, Susanna Baker.

"Tending the Tulips"
A cheery spring-time ditty pocket,
 featuring Mrs. Cottontail... the tender of the tulips. 
Pocket has hand dyed wool penny tongues with antique buttons for added texture and detail.  I chose to fill the pocket with viburnum berries that wintered on the bush.  It was so nice of the robins to leave me a few!  Pussy willows would be equally charming tucked into the pocket.
Watch for these new releases to be arriving in your LNS shortly.  These designs have been added to our website, plus a few other new goodies!  Linens, floss paks and supplies for these items also available.
Enjoy your weekend,