From X's to loops!

I've had some requests for the "Three Tulips" cross stitch chart
 to be offered in punch needle. 
For those inquiring minds, I'm working on it!
I was worried about those little bluebirds getting too small for punch needle....
 I think they'll be okay! 
 The little flitting bluebirds are only about a scant 1/2".
They'll look more defined,
of course,
when the background gets filled in. 

I'm done with the main design area
 and will move onto the letters & background area
 this evening.
What do you think? 
 Do you like light backgrounds or dark backgrounds? 
 It can't be too dark or the leaves won't show up,
 and yet,
 it can't be too light or we'll lose the bunny...
this is always a dilemma when selecting thread choices...
Happy Hump day...
it's all downhill from here,


moosecraft said...

Love it so far! I like the lighter backgrounds for spring designs...

edie said...

Okay, looks great, but I don't punch needle, so how about a conversion from loops to X's for Tending the Tulips? Would make a great companion piece for Three Tulips. Thanks!

Pam in IL said...

Gorgeous! I'll be anxiously waiting for this one.

WoolenSails said...

That will be a wonderful punch needle piece and I love what I see, so far.


Nancee said...

I am always in a quandary about backgrounds. I love aged black, nut brown, etc, but I then struggle with blues and greens showing up... This looks like a winner. Are you punching on linen or does the close up just make it look like that?

Erin Raatjes said...

Love it!! So pretty!