how does it already get to be mid January? 

 Just picture the Tasmanian devil with a needle and thread in it's hand, that is how I feel!  Lots and lots of new cross stitch designs are in their final stages, in preparation for the upcoming February needlework market.  
With the help of model stitchers Suzanne, April and Suzanna the larger pieces are all stitched...
thank you ladies, you are thee best!!  

My mind now needs to switch gears,
 from charting and stitching,
 to figuring out how to turn a hotel room into an inviting and charming market exhibit...
am trying to wrap my brain around this!
 May need to sneak off to an Embassy Suites
 for a weekend get away
 to get a better visual for how this is going to happen.  

For those shop owners making the buying trip to Nashville,
 stop by and visit me on the 6th floor, room 615 to view the new goodies!
 I have some really cool next door neighbors while at market...R&R Reproductions, The Scarlett House, Plum Street Samplers, Blackbird Designs, Shepherds Bush, Valdani Floss...the list goes on and on!  
  I am over the moon excited to be their neighbors for a weekend!

With Valentines candy already in the store isles it isn't too soon to start stitching some heart and love-themed goodies.  

I am happy to share two new charts
 with just that in mind!
Not too "Valentinesy" ~
so appropriate for the month of love...

"Tied with Heart Strings"
 Old buttons, vintage silk ribbon and faded shades of silk floss, combined with a simple bird and "viney" floral motif, make for a finish that hints vintage farmhouse.    I chose to fill it with lavender- scented crushed walnuts...currently is sitting next to my stitching chair and smells wonderful!

Heart & Hand Needle Keep
A tiny little oval booklet is a safe haven for ones needles!  I chose a simple floral wreath to encircle one of my favorite shaker symbols, the heart & hand.  The backside of the booklet is adorned with a tiny, dainty flower basket.   Crystal glass-headed stick pins encircle the piece...a stick pin will now always be at hand, should the need arise.  Booklet closes with a bees-waxed thread.  I quick little stitch that would make a perfect little gift for a stitching friend.

It's been a really cold start to the new year, we are in for a slight warm up this weekend...can you say January thaw?!!!  

Until next time,