Floss Organization System?

The question has been asked.
You've all read it or been asked it...
How do you organize your floss?
Under that 12 pounds of fur
 is organization,
Kitty loves my system!
Signed Brenda,
who wonders why there is " kitty fluff" on her floss...
a few days ago I was visiting Paulette Stewart's blog
and she shared this cute video for all the cat lovers...
 In case you missed it,
here it is


Helping hand?

My helper...
Typical. cat.
Decides to take a nap in the midst of my what I'm working on.
I'm working on & scheming a finish...
A pillow?
Can't decide...
He's been asked by his human dad if he is supposed to be laying there. 
He just gives him the "sleepy kitty face" look...

quickly falls back into a slumber,

Sweet kitty dreams.
Dreaming of a new "kitty duvet" finish!
With thy Needle & Thread,


Hanky hem?

I've been practicing! 
 Practicing on, what I call, the "hanky stitch".
  Remember Grandma's hankies?
 The ones that had that little delicate hem with holes in it?
  Often times,
 crochet edging was then attached to the hem along this open and airy hemline.
  So delicate...
I've been practicing on a little bit wider hem.
 I think I'm ready to move onto a narrower hem,
 and then maybe even onto working a corner. 
I'm not going to be making hankies anytime soon,
but I love old samplers that have been finished this way.
   I've always wanted to finish a piece with this method,
so I'm practicing,
 and at the same time,
working on bravery.
Brave enough to make that cut
and pull those threads...
Here is one of my antiques that has this sort of finish to the edges.
  See those little delicate holes around the edge of the frame?
 This is one of my older samplers,
 Ann Lamploughs, 1793.
It is worked in vibrant colors of wool threads.
  I  intend to have it re-framed in a more age appropriate frame.
Until then,
I sit and admire it's "hanky hem"...
it's my inspiration!
Happy Valentines Day everyone,


I'm here!

Pardon. my. absence.
It's been busy,
orders need filling,
stitching needs stitching,
 I'm trying to dig out...
I do think I see daylight just ahead!
TNNA is quickly approaching and we all know what that means!
 In the evenings and early mornimg hours,
 I'm trying to get my ducks in a row for that. 
  I've been stitching,
 all three model stitchers have been stitching,
 and if everything gets done by the February 22nd deadline,
 there will be 5 NEW cross stitch charts releasing at the show.
Once finished work starts to trickle in from my model stitchers,
it is then time to decide on a finish for the piece...scary part!
  I always hate making that cut into the linen....so, so scary!
  Framing is always the easy route,
 I've been known to not always take the easy route...
To frame, or not to frame...
that is the question of the day.
I have an idea for a fun finish,
 but fun finishes sometimes don't
 turn out how we want them to...
Do you prefer a frame finish,
 or a fun, outside of the box, sort of finish???
  If you are like me,
 I am running out of wall space,
 and prefer to tuck finished pieces
 here and there,
 and move them around
 from place to place
as my heart desires.
 X X X X X
To those who are attending TNNA,
 be sure to stop by Norden Crafts
 to be the first to view models
of the following 5 hopeful titles...
(that is if everything gets done)
~ The Candlestick Maker Sampler ~
~ The Bee Keeper Sampler ~
~  Crumpets & Tea ~
~  Three Tulips ~
~ Basketful of Springtime ~
Off to work I must go,