I'm here!

Pardon. my. absence.
It's been busy,
orders need filling,
stitching needs stitching,
 I'm trying to dig out...
I do think I see daylight just ahead!
TNNA is quickly approaching and we all know what that means!
 In the evenings and early mornimg hours,
 I'm trying to get my ducks in a row for that. 
  I've been stitching,
 all three model stitchers have been stitching,
 and if everything gets done by the February 22nd deadline,
 there will be 5 NEW cross stitch charts releasing at the show.
Once finished work starts to trickle in from my model stitchers,
it is then time to decide on a finish for the piece...scary part!
  I always hate making that cut into the linen....so, so scary!
  Framing is always the easy route,
 I've been known to not always take the easy route...
To frame, or not to frame...
that is the question of the day.
I have an idea for a fun finish,
 but fun finishes sometimes don't
 turn out how we want them to...
Do you prefer a frame finish,
 or a fun, outside of the box, sort of finish???
  If you are like me,
 I am running out of wall space,
 and prefer to tuck finished pieces
 here and there,
 and move them around
 from place to place
as my heart desires.
 X X X X X
To those who are attending TNNA,
 be sure to stop by Norden Crafts
 to be the first to view models
of the following 5 hopeful titles...
(that is if everything gets done)
~ The Candlestick Maker Sampler ~
~ The Bee Keeper Sampler ~
~  Crumpets & Tea ~
~  Three Tulips ~
~ Basketful of Springtime ~
Off to work I must go,


anitasheetz said...

I love your work I have purchased quite a few of your Patterns. And I love keeping up with your blog such a talented woman and what a tease today was and I think outside of the box with heartfelt thanks anita

moosecraft said...

I prefer framing on large samplers and repro samplers. Everything else i like pinkeeps, pouches and boxes, etc. I find that most of my holiday decorating is just finished stitches tucked here and there... accompanied by some smalls and greens.

Farm Girl said...

I thought you must be really busy. I can't wait to see all of the new treasures you have been working on, it is one of my favorite things is to see what you have been doing as I sip a cup of coffee.
I am sure it will be worth the wait. I am terrible at framing so I of course have everything stuck around the house. I do need to get some of them framed, but you see I have more windows than wall space. So I am limited.

Kindred Quilts said...

Framed pieces are lovely... I like to group like projects together. But lately I'm drawn to the "out of the box" finished approach!

gracie said...

Limited wall space means other finishes. Your designs are so pretty...any finish is good.

edie said...

Okay, gotta have all 5, I know! While I'm fairly handy with a needle and thread, not so much with glue and cardboard, and oh, I hate gluing a stitched piece; however, whatever you decide, it will be wonderful, and framing is always an alternative regardless of the suggested finish. Now, get busy!

Unknown said...

Oh, how many projects I look forward to see your creations! What can I apologize you...in this moment I like other finishing than frames...pouch,pockets...
Just a question how long it takes for the delivery of Valentine Sampler? Otherwise I wait it at Casa Cenina....

Patti said...

Your "outside the box" finishes are always phenomenal! Can't wait to see your newest designs.
Blessings, Patti

NIKY said...

I cannot miss my stop to Norden for sure! I want to admire your beauties from real!!!

natalysneedle said...

I prefer an "out of the box" finish. I spend lots of time at craft stores looking and searching and thinking, Hmmmm what can I make with this etc. . .

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Sounds like they will be great however you finish them. CJ in OK

Kathy L. said...

I am so excited to see these new designs. I have been stitching your ( and your sister's) designs for years. Love them! I love your finishing too. I have very little wall space so I love the neat projects to tuck here and there too.

Keep them coming


Jentwyn said...

I too love fun finishes as my walls are full and can't afford to buy larger ones. Whatever you decide I'm sure I'll fall in love with it and have to have it.

The French Bear said...

As you know I have a hard time not buying your patterns, lol! I love the sound of the new ones, I want them just by the names, ha ha....you must be sooo busy, but that good, right? Are you in the way of that huge storm coming through the States? Take care and be safe if you are......you will need a break with your sweet little grandchildren after all this hard work, so glad you have stitchers to help you!!

Unknown said...

5 new patterns - your killing me! I don't have stitchers stitching for me and I have to have them all! I just finished zig zagging the linen from 3 orders ago...I like the variety of finishes you have. You have such amazing talent!

Mary A said...

If your new titles are any indication, then your new patterns will be a hit! I love different finishes. I like to move my needlework around too. Mary A