Hanky hem?

I've been practicing! 
 Practicing on, what I call, the "hanky stitch".
  Remember Grandma's hankies?
 The ones that had that little delicate hem with holes in it?
  Often times,
 crochet edging was then attached to the hem along this open and airy hemline.
  So delicate...
I've been practicing on a little bit wider hem.
 I think I'm ready to move onto a narrower hem,
 and then maybe even onto working a corner. 
I'm not going to be making hankies anytime soon,
but I love old samplers that have been finished this way.
   I've always wanted to finish a piece with this method,
so I'm practicing,
 and at the same time,
working on bravery.
Brave enough to make that cut
and pull those threads...
Here is one of my antiques that has this sort of finish to the edges.
  See those little delicate holes around the edge of the frame?
 This is one of my older samplers,
 Ann Lamploughs, 1793.
It is worked in vibrant colors of wool threads.
  I  intend to have it re-framed in a more age appropriate frame.
Until then,
I sit and admire it's "hanky hem"...
it's my inspiration!
Happy Valentines Day everyone,


Three Sheep Studio said...

I admire you for your lovely work.
The hanky hem is gorgous.
Certainly reminds one of 'gentler times' !

Lida said...

It is a beauty! A deserves a really nice frame! Happy Valentine´s day,

MJ Hunt said...

LOVE that finished edge! May try doing it on a scrap before a stitched piece. MJ

Val Reaves said...

What a lovely edge! I would like to learn that as well...I'll have to find a source for "how to". Thanks for sharing it!
Val in Kansas

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Happy Valentines Day!
Prim Blessings

Penny said...

So pretty!! Adds such a nice touch to the piece!
Happy V'Day!!2

The French Bear said...

Exquisite!!! I love the delicate stitches.....I have pieces of my Baba's embroidery that has the same edging. What wonderful stitches you are creating. Thank you for my parcel, I have started stitching the little scissor fob, although my eyes aren't what they used to be, oy the 40 count!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Kay said...

Yes, you are VERY brave! The result will be beautiful!

Rhona said...

I LOVE the edging with those pretty holes...what a fantastic way to finish off a sampler.

gracie said...

Your edging looks lovely...

Katrina said...

I love doing the hemstitch, I learned it stitching all the Shepherd's Bush Needlerolls and I did it on Drawn Thread's Random Thoughts edge. It's fun but pulling the threads is scary :-). I hope that you will reproduce Ann, I love the bit I saw of her!!!!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

You did beautiful work on your finish, Brenda.

Peggy Lee said...

I've been wanting to learn this way of finishing a sampler edge too! Once you've mastered it...maybe you could share any tips and tricks??


Natalia said...

You do beautiful work !! I've been wanting to learn, so I can finish one of my samplers this way..

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Kevin said...

I've never seen that type of hem work done before, but I really like it! I might have to try that someday - but think I'd need some really good directions or a talented stitcher to guide me (especially cutting those threads!)

Lynn said...

The hanky hem is gorgeous! It adds so much more to a piece. I'd be scared to death to give it a try though. I shudder just thinking of having to cut the linen!