Something old is new again...

I received a package in the mail from Suzanne, my model stitcher, on Friday.
 I get all giddy when these packages arrive, tis almost like giving birth!!
To see an old sampler reproduced and all new again always seems to take my breath away. 
The sampler is an early 19th century linen and wool work sampler.  Though undated, the type of linen used and the style of stitch work would indicate this needlework dates to around 1840's. 

The sampler was backed with paper that was hand-stitched to the sampler.  When I saw the paper backing, I was hoping I would find a signature and date written on it...but not so.  What I did find was a whole lot of wooly floss eating moth do do... 

As several of my antique samplers, this sampler too, was hand sewn to a piece of wood, much like how a shoe cobbler would sew the sole of a shoe.  This form of attaching ones work always intrigues me.  As much as I don't like pinning a sampler to foam-core, the thought of putting this on my hubby's "honey do" list isn't such a bad idea...  I can see the look already..."honey would you drill some tiny holes, evenly spaced, around  a piece of wood?"  Something tells me the piece would never get framed!!  ;)  I'm not sure he has a drill bit in his tool box this small.  Who did this step of the finishing of the piece when it was finished?  Was it the man of the house?
As you can see there is major stitch loss in the corners of the piece.  I was able to reproduce it by looking at the borders across from each other.  Luckily, the stitch loss was worse on one side then the other, aiding in reproducing the chart as close to the original as possible.  There is some stitches that got worked over 3 threads instead of two, so adjustments needed to be made for this.  This gets a little challenging when it occurs in the border...my cross stitch program doesn't allow for stitches over 3 threads!
The antique sampler is contained within it's seemingly original frame, which is also from date.   I have chosen a burl wood frame for the reproduction.  The frame color really compliments the focal motif of this sampler...a pink-legged sparrow!  The sampler has a real naive charm about it.  The top of the sampler is graced with a wonderful sparrow perched upon a blossoming branch.  Floral motifs on each side and a leafy border beneath.  The central section of the linen has alphabet, letters and more border patterns.  The bottom section has a large central floral urn with birds on either side and two cute dogs at the bottom holding baskets in their mouths.  The whole sampler is surrounded by a meandering floral border.
Something old
 is new again....
Pink Sparrow Sampler coming soon!
With thy Needle & Thread,


Catching Up!

 Time to check in with you all. 
When you receive a blog comment that reads, "where are you?"
it is time to catch up!
 I snuck away for a few days with my sisters and their husbands on a trip to Denver Co to visit our son, Matthew.  We've not seen him since Christmas, so it was good to see he and Megan.
 Father and son enjoyed a 100 mile bike ride together.  Father, son and uncles golfed, while mother and aunts enjoyed the Old Glory show in Littleton.  Us girls also took in the exhibits at the Denver Art Museum.  A couple of interesting exhibits are now on display, Spun Adventures in Textiles and the Nick Cave Sojurn exhibit.  Both exhibits were very fascinating and highly recommended.  In a small glass showcase in the Spun exhibit were a precious huswife from the 1700's, and an marvelous sewing roll.  The huswife was in mint condition with the year and initials cross-stitched upon the top flap.  The calicoes used in the piece were wonderful...browns and rusty reds.    If you like old buttons, old beads, old glass birds the Nick Cave Sojurn exhibit is right up your alley.   Here is a link to this exhibit.  I don't know what was more fascinating, the buttons sewn onto the Soundsuits or the black nylon screen walls that had 1000's upon 1000's of old mother of pearl buttons attached to them.  If you scroll down on the linked page there is a video that shows them setting up the exhibit and attaching the buttons to these wall panels.  Amazing.   Makes me want a wall of buttons in my house!!

A quick day trip was taken to ride the Georgetown Loop train,  and the rest of the time was spent relaxing on the patio, sipping iced tea, and just enjoying family conversation.
Matthew and Megan made us a wonderful supper the last night, at their little bungalow.  We enjoyed fall off the bone smoked ribs, homemade macaroni and smoked cheese, baked beans and Butter Finger cupcakes.  We all ate until we had to roll off our chairs....mmmm, am still craving those ribs and cupcakes, Matthew and Megan~  Thanks for a wonderful meal!
I've already gone to Megans Pinterest page and printed off the recipe for the cupcakes.  Will need to make these sometime!
Here is the link.
Will also need to get Matthew's recipe for his ribs...he mentioned something about them being the 3,2,1 method.

Now catching up at the storefront...
while I was away, the linens for the new charts arrived.  If you have these on order, they will be shipping today and tomorrow.  The reprints of the Stacy Nash book is also done.   For those who purchased these from us, your name has been forwarded to the publisher and you will be receiving your replacement book directly from them in the next week. 

Time to sign off...lots to do today,