Putting on...

the finishing touches...

silk bows

woolly penny tongues


antique buttons...



making new,

look old...


topping the foot stool...

This is how I spent my weekend...how did you spend yours?

With thy Needle & Thread,


New Arrivals...

A sampling of some new arrivals to our website...

This book is a must have...the pincushions in this book are simply charming. I want to make everyone of them!

And just arrived is the ever popular Create & Decorate magazine. If you are into "junking", there is a fun-to-read article in this issue in regards to this.
And lastly, a NEW charm! This charm measures just a wee 3/4" and features a bunny holding an Easter egg. Charm is available in silver or gold.

The vintage seam tape ribbon has now been uploaded onto the website for purchase as well. We are starting out with 40 colors of the 200 offered. We will be expanding our colors as time goes along.

So hop on over to our
website to view these new goodies...

The snow has started to fall here, it sounds like most of the US is in for some nasty weather, whether it be ice or snow, for the next few days. Time to hunker down, heap on the wood, cook up a batch of soup and settle in with the stitching basket!

Have a good week everyone,


Cat owner?????
Imagine walking into the bedroom
to fluff the feather top & dress the bed
and finding these...


all stretched out
nestled in...
(note - he does not sleep with us at night, he prefers the whole bed to himself)

And if those big blue eyes could talk,
they would say...
ummmm pardon me,
I'm in the middle of a cat nap here...
if you could dress this bed some other time,
that would be

If you were to ask me right meow,
at this very minute,
if I am a cat-owner...
my answer would have to be ~
but I have a cat
that owns
I guess the bed will just have to wait...
Have a good week everyone,


It's good to see you...
sonny boy!
It was just a typical Saturday morning around the household. I'm still in my pj's running around taking pictures of ribbon and the dh is sitting on the couch reading the state's daily paper. When I hear the dh say, "Well I'll be darn, Woody made the paper again." The dh calls our son, Matthew this some times...sorry, it goes back to his unruly earlier teenage years, I'd explain but it's a long story....

So, this was our morning news....

It's always good seeing the kids. He didn't make the trip home for Christmas, it's been a while since we've seen him...so sometimes pictures have to do. This is the second time the newspaper has used this photo...I'm thinking he should be entitled to some sort of commission from the newspaper folks...don't you think?? At the time he was actually posing for his dad who was going to take his picture. What he didn't know was the newspaper folks were snapping one too! He, his girlfriend and dad had just completed their week long trek, on bike, across the state of Iowa, from Mississippi River to the Missouri River. Living on their bikes during the daytime hours and tenting it in various towns overnight along the route.

Well that's it, I just had a mother moment there... sorry, I'm done!

Have a good day,
I've been on a photo shoot this morning...
but sorry, no pics of fresh snow falls, feathered friends, or Walter (tee hee) today,
just shooting pics of vintage seam tape ribbon
lots of ribbon...
This is the down side of operating a website. All items being sold must be photographed, then the photos get touched up in a photo editing program, then sized twice so you can view them big or small. Once that is completed the two photos of each item selling gets uploaded onto the world wide web for your viewing pleasure...

And we try real hard to make the pictures of the items we are selling pretty for you...

I will begin uploading this beautiful 1/2" wide silk vintage seam tape ribbon onto our website over the weekend. Look for it to be available for purchase by weeks end. It will have it's very own category button...look for Vintage Seam Tape Ribbon tab when shopping online for this item.

And of course it's not been all work with this lovely new vintage ribbon...
there has been some playing too...

It makes for some lovely finish detailing on needlework, don't you think??
Enjoy your weekend,


Algerian Eyelet Stitches...
that's what I've been up to
stitching a whole lot of them, too!
Think polka dots, Easter eggs & Peeps...

Just a small tease of a new cross stitch pattern coming your way soon. Soooooo.....you may want to brush up on your eyelet stitch or for those of you who haven't adventured into the specialty stitches, here is a little tutorial for you. The eyelet stitches in this soon-to-be release pattern are worked over 4 threads on linen (as shown in the diagram on the left). Enter your needle at one, go down at two, up at 3, down at four and so on until your eyelet stitch is complete. With each stitch pull the thread slightly so that the fabric distorts slightly, as it's this tensioning action that creates the holes in the center of each stitch. If you want to neaten or emphasize the central hole you can do so with the end of a small knitting needle. Gently poke the end of the knitting needle into the hole to widen it a little.

Tis going to be a weekend of stitching and putting finishing touches on new designs for me. We are in for a warm up this weekend and then I guess it's back into the ice box for next week.

With thy Needle & Thread,



This makes me crave...

blue malted milk eggs,

Cadbury chocolate eggs,

hollow chocolate bunnies,



jelly beans...


With this being said, new Easter-spirited patterns coming your way soon...think old-fashioned styled rabbits, Easter Peeps & Easter eggs!

With thy Needle & Thread,


P.S. Question for you...how many of you are guilty of applying blue malted milk eggs to your lips for a smashing blue lipstick??? Come on, fess up...I'm surely not the only one that does this!!



I received an email today with a finish of our pattern "LOVE-FILLED HEART" from customer, Bonnie. Bonnie worked her piece on a 40 count linen, as instructed, only using a more creamy colored linen. She then changed out the color of the urn and date for a better contrast to her lighter colored linen of choice. The photo she chose to tuck into her heart pocket is of her mother when she was 4 years old. The date she changed to the birth year of her mother...
what a lovely keepsake Bonnie has created. Thanks for sharing!
A nice little pin keep to keep at Bonnies side when stitching. My mother taught me how to stitch as a young girl & I'm sure tis the same for most anyone who has this stitching passion...so the photo of her mother seems so appropriate for this piece!

It's another cold day here. We've had single digits daytime temps for most of the week & minus digits overnight...anything in double digits is going to feel like a heat wave. It is this part of the winter that toughens us!
I have 3 different projects in the works, each is calling and I don't know which to do first...
With thy Needle & Thread,


Vintage Ribbons...

coming soon!

I am excited about this new line of ribbon for us, we love it & so will you! This beautiful vintage-style rayon ribbon ties into the most beautiful drape-y bows...

perfect for tying around the neck of old teddies, Easter peeps, or hangers & bows on cross stitched pin keeps. Want an old and scrunchy bow, simply wet with water, squeeze excess water out and leave to dry in a "scrunched up" ball.
The colors are subtle and time worn...

This is just a tiny hint of the 200 different colors available. Watch for this wonderful ribbon, coming soon to www.countrystitchesonline.com

With thy Needle & Thread,

Goood Morning America...

and world (for the international readers)...
What's for breakfast today?
Was it Wheaties, waffles or eggs & bacon??

Hmmm...what shall I have for breakfast today? Brrrr...tis a tad bit chilly on the toes here this morning in NW Iowa...

Let's go see what everyones eating, shall we?
Go figure, Woody is eating suet...again! He really needs to mix up his diet a bit...
Mr Nuthatch is going to make off with a peanut, I just know it...
did I ever mention I love peanuts???
Mother Cardinal and the house finches are enjoying some "Joe's Mix" this morning. I don't know what makes it "Joe's Mix", but I'm telling you as soon as these folks leave, it is up the pole I go...
Jeepers, looks like the birds need to do some house keeping...see the bird do-do??...disgusting!!!
Auuggghhh....now the chickadees are there....it was my turn. Don't you just hate it when birds budge???? Gesh...where are their manners??

Well it looks like I'll just sit here and eat the droppings this morning. You know it seems like an awful lot of work getting breakfast sometimes around here. There are these things called baffels and squirrel proofs this and thats...
these things just always seem to test my acrobatic skills...
and well, some days it's just too blastid cold and a squirrel doesn't always feel up to hanging upside down while it eats its morning breakfast...
You know what I mean??
In today's squirrel lesson of the day, we will be learning all about distance. Remember learning this in geometry?

Squirrel lesson #101...
the shortance distance between 2 objects is a straight line. Very important lesson on mornings after a 10" snowfall overnight...
when you're a squirrel...
Yep, us squirrels are pretty smart...
pretty hard to out-smart us!
You humans have a wonderful day & keep those hands warm!
The Squirrel

A skinny bolt...
is all we have left of the red prairie cloth for the "CUPID'S ARROW" pattern/kit.
If you are wanting to have this little cupid flying around in your heart & home for this year's Valentines season you need to hurry! When what is left on our skinny bolt is gone, there will be no more until April/May-ish, when the manufacturer expects their next shipment of this cloth.

It's snowing huge "goose feather snowflakes" this morning, straight down....it's beautiful. I just want to sit by the window and watch...BUT off to work I must go, as there are orders to fill!

Have a good weekend,


An Ann Update...

I managed to finish one of the larger urn motifs on the "Ann Dickinson - 1819" sampler. I've been suffering from some ADD...
when I'm doing needle punch,
I want to be cross stitching,
and when I'm cross stitching,
I want to be punching...
& then when I'm punching,
I want to be sketching that idea that just popped into my head.
Anyone else suffer this stitching disorder? Maybe all of us who suffer from this disorder need to unite! I think I need a support group...what could we call our group??
Anyhoo, I am to a fun part of the "Ann" sampler...a row of one pretty little flower urn after another. And then its onto the bottom band of the sampler...my favorite part of the piece!
* * * * * * *
The count down is on! Don't forget American Idol starts tomorrow night! Remember ladies, don't forget to hide the remote tomorrow night from the dh. Maybe your household isn't like ours...BUT the dh seems to think that it is his "manly duty of the house" to be in charge of the remote...at all times! If I don't hide it, he walks into the room, picks it up and changes the channel. And then after I spew out a few choice words, he nonchalantly asks, "Oh, were you watching that?" Ugghhhh.......no, I'm just sitting here, facing the TV, with my eyes fixated on it for shits & giggles...my usual come-back comment. (Please pardon my French). So, I am very much looking forward to stitching and watching Idol once again...a perfect combo! I am sad that Simon won't be there. I was always in a love/hate relationship with that guy, but darnit it just isn't going to be the same without him...
* * * * *
We are in for a string of very cold days here in NW Iowa...hoping you are all staying warm wherever you are at. We had a heat wave yesterday (33 degrees)...am thinking that was probably our January thaw...and only 1 day long!
Stay warm,


Margaret asks...

so what's in the crock pot?

See, I do read my comments!! In Margaret's (of the French Bear blog) comment; she asked, "what's in the crock pot?". Well I was feeling immensely organized & energized this morning, so I thought I'd put together a dish in the crock pot for lunch. Aren't crock pots the best thing since sliced bread? There is just a teensy comfort-factor, knowing that tis only 8:00 in the morning and lunch is already fixed...totally makes me feel like Betty Crocker or even maybe Martha Stewart! No not really... just love the fact that I can sit and stitch to the aroma of lunch cooking, without spending half of the morning in the kitchen.

Today's meal from the crock pot was, Angel Chicken. A recipe taken from the current issue of the Midwest Living Magazine. This issue features the Top Ten slower cooker recipes from all of it's issues. Now how could anyone pass up a headline such as that? Not me, so after thumbing through a few of the pages of it...into the shopping cart it goes.

Did I ever tell you I am the biggest S.U.C.K.E.R. when it comes to grocery shopping? I would surely make a wonderful "lab rat", if you will, for any food product test marketing campaign. I mean, if it is cute, if it is a pretty color, if it is miniature-ized, or even just the word NEW on the bag...it is on it's way into my shoppin' cart.

Let me show you...
See these cute little bottles of water and half-cans of pop...yep, into my cart! Here it was the, "aren't these cute" factor...

See the word NEW...darn it, gets me every time...into my cart!
Oh lordy, that word "mini" next to Reese's is guaranteed to get me...into the cart it goes. I love eating miniature candy bars...totally takes away, some of the guilt, of the fact that you just ate 20 peanut butter cups while checking your email... Darn it, that word "mini" gets me every time.

Into the cart, a bag of these go. Do I like pears, you ask? Not particularly. Just thought they were pretty. Love that color yellow...would like to paint my kitchen this color of yellow some day, with white wood-work trim...
And plus, I thought these pretty little Chinese Ya Pears would take a pretty little picture. You never know when you might need or want a picture of three pears... I've titled this photo, "the three pears". I've Photo-Shopped the title to the side of the photo in French... Why? Do I speak French? No. I should with a name like Gervais... but rather, because I think french writing has a certain romantic flair to it...it's just pretty!
Now honestly, how cute is this little girl...in her sweet little pink peasant-styled dress with her arms loaded with grains? S.U.C.K.E.R for pretty packing...into the cart it goes. Who could resist this darling packaging?? Do I have a recipe in mind for these? No, just liked the packaging... Are you seeing a trend here, folks? *sigh*

I mean, look at these? Aren't these little angel hair pasta nests the cutest things you ever did see??

So where am I going with this post? Let me stop and think... Oh yea, Martha wants to know what was in my crock pot. See those cute little pasta nests? Remember that Midwest Living magazine, the one with the headlines that got me? The one with the Angel Chicken recipe in it...

That's what was in our crock pot! Served upon those "cute little pasta nests". The dish was delicious and I'm renaming it "Chicken upon her Nest"...

It is super delish!

"Chicken upon her Nest"
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves (it seems that all of our local chickens seem to be well-endowed as of late ...if you know what I mean, so I cut each breast in half lengthwise...making for a smaller portion)
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 8 oz. package fresh button mushrooms, quartered
1/4 cup butter
1 - .7 oz envelope of Zesty Italian dry salad dressing mix
Can of mushroom soup
1/2 of an 8 oz. tub of cream cheese spread with chives & onions
1/2 cup white cooking wine
sliced green onions to garnish
(**Note - the recipe also calls for 6 oz. of fresh Shitake mushrooms, stems removed and caps sliced. I chose to omit these. The dear husband doesn't like mushrooms you see...he would have flipped out if he had that many mushrooms to pick out. He refers to them as "boogers"...)

In a large skillet, brown chicken on both sides in hot oil over medium heat. In crock pot cooker, add mushrooms to the bottom and top with browned chicken. In a medium saucepan, melt butter;stir in Italian dressing mix. Stir in mushroom soup, cream cheese, and white wine, until cheese is melted; pour over chicken.
Cover; cook on low-heat setting for 4 hours. Serve chicken and sauce over angel hair pasta. Sprinkle with green onions.


We have a finish!

I received an email today from Bonnie in MA, sharing a picture of her finish of "Cupid's Arrow".
She chose to add a little sparkle to her cupid by dipping the arrow's point & feather tip in glass glitter...nice touch!
Thanks for sharing Bonnie!

Lunch is in the crock pot and today I'm going to get back at some stitching on the "Ann Dickinson - 1819 sampler". I haven't picked up a needle for almost a week...so much for trying to get a motif a day stitched on this piece. Oh well, sometime life just gets in the way of our stitching...darn it!

Enjoy your day,


Note taking...

Are you a note taker? Do you jot things down? What do you write your notes on? On a napkin while at lunch with a friend? The back of a deposit slip? Or are you one of those who writes little notes to yourself on the inside of your hand?

My life seems to rotate around my notes, and note taking. Sometimes, I really could use a note to myself just to remind me where it is that I left my notes...Hate it when that happens.

Here is what you will find my notes written upon these days...

The weavers cloth that surrounds what I am punching...a perfect place for jotting important information! Information that will be needed when it's time to write pattern instructions.

I am currently working on some "everyday" type of patterns. The one in the hoop will be titled "Proverbs 31:13". A favorite verse of mine...This piece will be my largest piece to date, the piece requires a 17" hoop...it's a big one folks!

"She seeketh wool and flax & willingly worketh with her hands." - Proverbs 31:13

Also, a cross stitch design featuring this favorite biblical verse is on it's way to my model stitcher. Watch for these new patterns in February sometime.

With thy Needle & Thread,




of fresh new snow!
gently & quietly falling straight down..
giving everything

a new winter-white blanket...

With thy Needle & Thread,


Do you like...

my new screen savers????
Here you go...let me zoom in real close so you can see better look.
Ahhhh yes, makes me giggle every time I sit down to my computer!

It's still snowing, 10" of the white stuff is fore casted...holy moly! If I'm lucky I'll get to witness my dh in his new hat again today...there is going to be lots of snow to blow...but then again...maybe I won't...

Have a good week,


New Arrivals!

New hand-crafted quilt block necklaces and lapel pins have arrived!
They can be found here...take a peek.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Have a good week,


So one day...

this hat shows up in the mail.

A buffalo plaid hat, lined with fur from some poor critter...I don't even want to think, know or go there. This hat is equipped with tiny little flaps on the sides to snap up or to leave open...exposing 2 cute little "metal-ish" air vents. I mean this is one special hat folks.

I call him Walter when he wears it...
(as in Walter Matthau...Grumpier Old Men)

Not that he looks like him or anything.
I'm just sayin...

Oh, and honey if you should happen upon this blog today, "THANK YOU" for my new camera lens...the zoom on it is awesome! Why not only can I photograph birds, but Holy Moly I can even stand up in the landing of the hallway on the second story, open the window, hang my body halfway out the window on a subzero day and take a picture of you in your cute little "Walter Hat"... Oh, and one more thing...don't even THINK about putting a stinky dead fish in my car...
Thanks honey, I love you!