Note taking...

Are you a note taker? Do you jot things down? What do you write your notes on? On a napkin while at lunch with a friend? The back of a deposit slip? Or are you one of those who writes little notes to yourself on the inside of your hand?

My life seems to rotate around my notes, and note taking. Sometimes, I really could use a note to myself just to remind me where it is that I left my notes...Hate it when that happens.

Here is what you will find my notes written upon these days...

The weavers cloth that surrounds what I am punching...a perfect place for jotting important information! Information that will be needed when it's time to write pattern instructions.

I am currently working on some "everyday" type of patterns. The one in the hoop will be titled "Proverbs 31:13". A favorite verse of mine...This piece will be my largest piece to date, the piece requires a 17" hoop...it's a big one folks!

"She seeketh wool and flax & willingly worketh with her hands." - Proverbs 31:13

Also, a cross stitch design featuring this favorite biblical verse is on it's way to my model stitcher. Watch for these new patterns in February sometime.

With thy Needle & Thread,



Country Prims said...

Wohoo! I knew I was keeping my b'day money for something special:)

LOVE the sound of both these patterns,especially because of that verse-love it! -can't wait to see:))

Shazy x

Friendship Crossing said...

I have always love that verse and can't wait to see them finished!


Patti said...

I was very confused at first when I saw the name of my blog at the top of your blog!! LOL

Melody said...

Brenda, I just want to say, Hi! and I love reading your blog. I'm excited about your new patterns. Also, thanks for sharing the beautiful snow pictures.

Robin (Samplerbird) said...

No wonder the instructions are always so complete and detailed with all of your designs! Thank you for taking such careful notes. Can't wait to see your new designs!

Karen said...

Brenda your designs are always so wonderful. That verse is one of my favorites as well and will be ordering these as soon as they come out. Can you tell me what kind of needle punch you use - I've never seen one like that.

Stay Warm - Karen