Last hurrah...

and just like that
summer is winding down.
Wishing everyone a safe & fun holiday weekend.
My shop is getting a fresh paint of coat over the long weekend.  My building was used for a toy store in the early 1950's.  After some scraping and sanding of it's side walls,  we exposed it's lettering from it's earlier days, "Toy World" along with a plump looking teddy bear.  I like to imagine my attic is filled with old toys.  My husband, who has been up in the attic, tells me otherwise.  He says there is just insulation up there, I still prefer to imagine! 
A weekend never passes without some stitching, so I imagine I will have a date with my needle & hoop at some time...
I am not one to use "colored" linen, usually sticking with the neutral shades of ivory and tans.  I have started and stopped several projects on darker linens and I am actually thinking this design will see a finish on red linen.  It is quite surprising how much different the floss looks on the linen then from the skein.  Those berries are an ivory floss and my eye is telling me they look white on red linen....all the flosses are looking brighter on the red linen.  So floss selection has been a bit challenging. 
Happy Labor Day Weekend to you all,


Going going...

almost gone!

Just a baker's dozen of the "Gobble Gobble!"  kits remain!


With thy Needle & Thread,