Lots of new goodies!

Good Tuesday Morning!

Some new arrivals in the shop to share with you...
A wonderfully prim candle holder that I am excited about and makes me think outside of the box a bit...

While it works for holding a grubby candle,
 looky at what else you can do with these great pieces!
Perfect bases for pinkeeps!

Here I am showing the Brambleberry Bunting Pinkeep Biscuit on top of the candlestick base.
Perfect!  I love it!
The black tin clamp easily adjusts to accommodate varying widths of table tops,
with a gentle squeeze.
I have a few design ideas swirling around in my head...
  watch for future designs incorporating these bases.

Speaking of pinkeeps...
Another new arrival in the shop are these wonderful smelling crushed walnut shells.  
Lavender buds are sprinkled within the shells.
Fill you pincushions, small pillow tucks, etc with these for a nice feel and wonderful aroma! 
The crushed walnut shells also come un-scented.

Also new,  wonderful primitive Easter grass. 
 Doesn't this create a great bowl filler?
Also comes in a wonderful green.  Bags are 8 oz, a very generous amount!
New patterns are flowing in daily as well, and I continue to add those as they arrive.
Hop on over to Country Stitches to see what's new!

 And for some stitching news,
 I am on to the words and border of a sampler that I am reproducing.  It has really been a fun stitch and I am loving the colors on this one.   The border  is very delicate, simple and small, the stitching of it is going rather quickly....yay!!  
Here's a little sneaky peeky...

Weather man is saying for the next week plus, we will be above zero degrees!  
Thank goodness, 
we been in the icebox all winter..
.maybe we will get to thaw out our toes!

Have a good day,