It now has a name...

and a release date
in sight!

Presenting a few snippets of
"Heap on the Wood"

Watch for it's November release!

Thanks to all who have voiced your punch needle preference on my side bar, tis much appreciated!

With thy needle & thread,


Takin' a break...

I needed a break from cross stitch...
When that happens I gravitate towards punch needle design work.

I'm sharing a couple of peeks of two of three future holiday-themed releases.
The third is just ready to go into my hoop.
Hint - think ivory celluloid reindeer from the 1950-60's.

Punch needle...almost instant gratification and finish is always much closer in sight.

I have put up a survey on the right side panel at the top of this page
.  If you are a punch needle enthusiast, 
I'd like your opinions please.  
Thanks much!

Lastly, all stocked 3-strand Valdani flosses 
are currently on sale
 while stock is good,
no back orders on sold out colors.

Have a good day,


Here Comes Santa!!!

Happy to share with you a new pattern release!
"Christmas at Winterberry Cabin"

The Halloween design, Gardener Goode Witch was so well received that I decided to build on the idea and bring you a Christmas version of the design.  Christmas at Winterberry Cabin is worked on 32 count, color - Linen linen by Weeks Dye Works that I gently aged...directions are given in the pattern for this step.  The piece is stitched in lovely hand dyed flosses over two threads.  Rusty 3/4" bells get stitched to the ends of the pillow tuck for an extra special finish.

It is a beautiful autumn Saturday here in NW Iowa.  I am enjoying a Saturday at home.  We haven't had a Saturday at home since the end of July.   I wasn't quite sure of what to do first on the home front today as lots of things need to be done...some housekeeping, some laundry and some stitching.  Multi-tasking....dont'cha love it?!!

Enjoy your day,


A little girl named Pepita

While stitching on my newest piece,
my thoughts of a little girl named
and her story
come to mind...

According to old Mexican legend,
Pepita was a poor little Mexican girl.  
She was sad because she had no gift to share.
on Christmas Eve.
  Her cousin Pedro reassured her that any gift,
 no matter its size,
 is a gift
 when given 
with love. 

 She bent over and picked a bundle of weeds and formed a bouquet. 
 The bouquet would be her gift. 
 She placed the bundle of weeds at the base of a nativity scene.  
The weeds would eventually burst into bright red flowers,
 "Flores de Noche Buena", 
or "Flowers of the Holy Night"
or what we know as the Poinsettia.
This is how the 
came together.  

On this upcoming sampler,
you'll find tall pewter urns filled with poinsettias,
 a favorite Christmas verse,
horse and sleigh,
a pine forest,
cozy little houses with smoking chimneys,
a sweet little dame and her gentleman,
whose arms are filled with small gifts.

"The gift is small,
love is all"

With thy Needle & Thread,


~New Patterns are Here!~

The days are growing shorter,
the air is a bit more crisp
the bittersweet is in full bloom...
my favorite time of year!

In celebration of the season,
I am happy to introduce two
autumn-themed cross stitch charts.

These are pieces that can be brought out for Halloween
kept out through Thanksgiving.

Queen of Harvest
stitch count - 142 wide x 107 high
worked over two threads
on 40 count Sand linen by Picture This Plus

Where the Bittersweet Blooms
Stitch count - 74 wide X 97 high
Design is worked over two threads on 35 count Apple Brown Bindy linen
by R&R Reproductions


With thy Needle & Thread,