10,000 sore butts

sweaty pits.
that would be 20,000 sweaty pits...
The hottest week of the year.
The week that 10,000 plus bikers
take to their saddles
and ride across our state.
Somewhere in that crowd is the dear husband and son.
I visit the photo gallery of www.ragbrai.com daily
to see if I can see anyone that resembles my two boys.
( 3 photos courtesy of ragbrai.com)
From there I look at handle bars...
handle bars
in their Alma mater colors,
Cardinal & Gold...

A week on their bikes by day,
sleeping in hot steamy tents
by night...
a little father & son time.
So as you can imagine,
 with the sweltering heat,
I've done my share of worrying this week
about them.
Wednesday was reported as the toughest day of RAGBRAI,
It was the optional 100 mile loop day,
strong head winds
temperatures of 106 degrees.
The dear husbands response that day,
"It was a challenge".
He likes these sort of challenges...
for me,
I would rather take on the challenge
of my border meeting as I place the
final cross stitch in it!
We all know this can be a challange!
Yesterday was an easier day for the bikers,
85 miles,
 3,576 climb.
Last evenings text message from the dh went like this,
"We survived another day, 85 miles.
  Very pretty
 rolling countryside
Marshalltown & Cedar Rapids."
A week of father/son time,
a challenge,
pretty rolling countryside
kissed with misty dew
in the early mornings...
reasons he says he does the ride.
A bucket list sort of thing...
I have much easier things on my bucket list,
more along the lines of attending the Olympics someday.
I've got this evening all planned out.
A dinner of leftover casserole
(it has been a week of making dishes that the dh doesn't particularly like, but I do)
 then in front of the TV to watch the opening ceremonies...
I can hardly wait!
 of course,
 will have some stitching at hand.
The JM Gardner 1888 antique reproduction sampler
will by my Olympic stitching for these games...
Stitching and cheering on
a little gymnast from Virginia,
who now lives and trains in Iowa,
Gabby Douglas.

I finished charting the sampler last evening
and will prep the edges of my linen this morning.
 Here is a peak
at  my floss selection.
As you can see,
I changed it slightly...
I'm going for a finer,
more delicate finish...

I think it will be lovely!



Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

You gotta love those bucket lists! Sounds like the dh and ds are having a great time and your dh waxes quite poetic, I'd say! A 1/2 marathon is on my bucket list - don't want to go too crazy with a full marathon!

Love the colors you selected for the sampler. I'll be cheering Gabby on as well being a VA girl, myself!

Rita said...

Enjoy the Olympics.

My DD just went on a bicycle ride from Seattle to Portland...200 miles. She did fine but also complained of a sore bottom. As she said, even with a gel seat can't totally protect you riding 200 miles.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

I love your softer version. Can't wait to stitch it!

Adele said...

Brenda, The sampler picture with the urns and beautiful tree are really inspiring in you blog logo!!! Could you tell us if this design has been charted? If so, is it available? I'd love to stitch this since my father had a tree farm when I was growing up and it reminds me of him. Thanks, Adele

Stephanie said...

Bravo to your dear boys on their bike tour! But that heat, UGH! Next summer I plan on doing a 200-ish mile tour if my butt can stand it. Enjoy the Olympics and stitching on your sampler. It is going to be lovely. Can't wait to see the finished product.

cucki said...

enjoy the olympics.
i love your soft version so much.
hugs xxx

sunny said...

I much prefer your version of challenges, as well. Not everyone can make those bindings fold perfectly! I also love when dh is away, and I can eat all the things he doesn't like. Enjoy the rest of your time.

mdgtjulie said...

The biking sounds lovely to me, but I can't do stuff like that cause of my asthma. I hope you enjoy the Olympics. I don't get that channel on my TV, so I'm not watching. Have fun with your new sampler too. The colors look lovely!

Anonymous said...

So excited about the opening cerimonies. I was able to work different hours today at the last minute so I will get to see the cerimonies. Hey!
I like your new sampler, colors look interesting.
I will be filling in a large house with satin stitches. Perfect for no brainier stitching.

Dorothy said...

I must say that I like the old colours. Isn't the orange wonderful

teeer said...

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