Going out on a limb...

If you haven't visited the Decorah, IA eagle cam lately,
you may be surprised.
The eagles have left the nest!
(do you need a tissue...)
They are now in what is called the branching stage.
Just sitting on branches a short distance from the nest in the big old cottonwood tree...
taking in the lovely view of the beautiful
rural Iowa country side
below them.

Yes, they are out on a limb...
Decorah Eagle style!
On Thursday when I got home from work
I was able to witness
the last of the three to take flight from nest to branch.
The last to leave was E2 ( the 2nd to hatch).
This was so within this eagles (E2) character.
In observing the nest
over the past several months
E'2 always seem to be the laid-back eaglet
of the family.
While the other two were up and eager to eat,
E2 would be sprawled out
and in
no big hurry to eat.
E2 always seemed
to have that humdy dumdy
approach about life...
I could stand to take a lesson from
E2 at times.

Witnessing this next step
to the
"I'm a big bird now" phase
was just amazing.
It was one of those
"lump in the throat"

On a side note...
It just occurred to me that the 4th of July is only a couple weeks away, and I still don't have my Soar frame ordered...probably not going to have mine framed for the 4th of July posting. Where did June go? Will you all please forgive me? It's been somewhat crazy at Country Stitches with the "Birds of a Feather" sampler club and the time has just escaped me.
The intention of posting pictures of every ones finished Soar samplers is still my intent for the 4th of July posting. So please email me digital photos of your finished Soar sampler pieces to me by July 2nd. Send to email address - order@countrystitchesonline.com. Please supply your name and state, if you so desire. Should be a very appropriate and beautiful posting in celebration of the 4th of July.

Have a splendid weekend everyone,


mdgtjulie said...

Glad the eaglets are branching. Bet they have a great view!! Can't wait to see all the finishes!

LKICT said...

I can't believe "my babies" are leaving the nest! I can't watch them at work any more, so I missed their first steps out. (Booo!) Mom must have just brought lunch because they just "ran down" the branch back to the nest! I'll miss watching this slice of life.