New goodies...

in the shop this week,
with more to come!

These new patterns are now posted and described on our website.

a note in regards to the hand dyed chenille and rick rack trims.
We underestimated the demand for this
and thus
a slight delay
if filling some orders.
If you are patiently waiting for yours,
our shipment is due to arrive today
we'll get your order shipped today as well.
It is just going out the door as soon as we get it in.

We are also excited
about more new colors
and also a new mini size of chenille.
The new colors will be offered
in both sizes of
rick rack.

They are...
Candy Cane Red
Christmas Wreath
Norfolk Pine
Nautical Blue
Dried Roses
Vampires Cape
we have all of these new colors
coming our way soon!
I still haven't had a chance to "play"
with these wonderful new hand dyed trims...
need to snatch a couple
set them aside for myself!!!

Have a good day,

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gracie said...

love the new goodies!