Opening up...

I'm going to open up
this morning
tell you one of my
deep dark secrets...
Do you know what the above photo is a picture of???
Do you recognize those tabs???
Did you play with these???

I will admit,
it is a darling little dress,
sweet little hand bag
and look,
she is knitting...how sweet is that?
a picture of a fancy coat and hat...
See those tabs???
Okay, here I go...
I'm going to confess to the whole wide world..
I really
despised paper dolls
when I was a child.
There I did it.
I feel so much better now,
getting that out in the open.
And you are asking...
where is she going with this????
Let me tell you.

I collect antique picture frames.
Don't ask me why,
I just like them
you never know when you might need one, right???

On one of my antique picture frame treasure hunts,
I came across the above picture.
Now, the frame really isn't anything too special.
But it was the sweet little girl that caught my eye.
I carefully took the picture off the nail
checked the price tag
in doing so,
saw another note.
The note read...
very old paper doll,
clothes attached to backside of frame.
So, I turned the frame over
attached to the backside of the frame
was a zip lock bag
with another little dress
a fancy coat

I stood there and had flash backs of my paper doll days.
I then began to laugh
the total frustration
that this childhood toy
put upon me.
Those *&#*@?!@ tabs!
They never worked
how did they expect
to fold something straight
over a curved head, shoulder or arm????
You could always see part of the tabs
from the front side.
DID NOT like that,
it really bothered me.
My dolls were always coming undressed
DID NOT like that,
that really bothered me too...

I decided to buy the framed paper doll,
as part of my therapy.
It makes me laugh
every time
I look at the picture.

And with that
I feel as though
I've won the battle
with the paper doll...

I can even admit that
she is absolutely darling
in her 4th of July attire.
Don't you think?
Have a safe & fun 4th,

P.S. photos of finished Soar samplers must be emailed to me by tomorrow to make the 4th of July posting.


Teresa said...

Love her 4th of July attire. I didn't play much with them either, always cutting off the tabs by mistake.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Nancy said...

She is so cute! I must confess that I loved my paper dolls, I even had one name Lulu that stood 2 feet tall! Have a happy 4th!

Penny said...

Love this paper doll in her 4th of July attire!! I had many paper dolls as a child, and must say that I loved being able to change out their outfits, but how frustrating was it that they would keep falling off!!
I like the idea of having one in a frame, and your's looks adorable!
Happy 4th!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

That's too funny Brenda - When I first saw that picture, I zoomed in on the tabs and knew I was looking at my nemesis again...and then you said it!! I was exactly the same way!! They never worked "quite right" ("perfectly" enough) for me - and, hey - they were paper! You knew they weren't going to last like a REAL doll would - and you couldn't hold them or cuddle them like you could a real doll!! Love it....you've been my therapy for the day....but I still do feel guilty when I see how dang cute they are....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I used to love these paper dolls! I used to cut out the clothes and makes the tabs longer and thinner so they would stay on better!
I never had one as ornate and beautiful as this one though.

Kay said...

I love paper dolls, but admire the courage it took to admit your "deep dark secret", lol! In fact, I just bought a box of Moda reproduction paper dolls at the quilt store. Needless to say, my daughters think I am nuts, and if my husband ever finds them...well, I won't let that happen! Have a safe and happy 4th!

mdgtjulie said...

I wasn't much into paper dolls either. Too hard to manage, like you said! Glad this one makes you laugh though. For that reason, it has value to you! Happy fourth of July to you. Can't wait to see all the Soar Samplers!!!

The Nebby Needle said...

My cousin and I used to cut up J.C. Penney catalogs for our "paper dolls". We just accepted the way they were dressed and didn't have to fight with the dreaded tabs!

My daughter had wooden "paper dolls" with wooden clothes that velcroed on the doll...she didn't play with them much either.

Kathy said...

Love the framed paper doll. :) Now I have to admit that while I hated dolls and most girly toys I loved my psper dolls. Especially my set that came with two horses and a paper doll who rode them. :)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Beautiful piece you found ! I was never a doll person. Never played with them, couldn't be bothered with them. BUT I did play with the paper dolls and colorforms as my entertainment. could sit for hours lol. I'm sure this therapy will work wonders :)

Angela said...

Brenda, Loved the confession and the story about the picture and the paper doll. I loved mine and years ago My daughter ordered me some paper dolls which I still have. That was so neat that someone took the time to send additional clothing for this doll. A great decoration for the holiday. Have a great evening.
Thru Nanas Window

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

I so remember those tabs frustrating me too!! I still loved to play with them though...have to admit I bought some magnetic ones at the dollar store a couple of months ago to add to my "toy box" that is a part of the journey in the book "Simple Abundance". So much easier to dress LOL Have a happy 4th of July ~Kriss~

Lynn said...

I gotta say I never much cared for paper dolls either. I also hated when the clothes fell off. I much preferred the ones where you could just stick the clothes on. They had some sort of a plastic surface and the clothes were plastic too. For the life of me I can't remember what they were called.
I do love this little one's attire though. Very cute!