To be glitzy or not to be glitzy...

is currently the contemplation of my day.

First off let's set this straight,
I'm not a glitzy girl.

A few Christmases ago,
the faux Mercury ornaments and decorations
started to showed up in stores
like Pottery Barn
and such.
I was intrigued,
but didn't know if they were "me"...
 or if they would fit in to my type of decorating.
I liked them though. 
   I plan on using some of my old silver bulbs to add a little sparkle to little vignettes around the house this holiday season.
Faded old silver tree bulbs
have become my new favorite tree bulbs.
See those silver sleigh runners at the top of the photo?
They belong to this guy....
I treated myself to him a few days ago....
He is sort of old,
sort of silver and glitzy
 all at the same time.
It reminded me of the faux mercury decorations.
I plan on filling him with fresh cedar pine,
dried red berries
this holiday season.
Maybe even a few clementines
studded with cloves....
we'll see.
With my reindeer purchase,
I think it could be official,
I'm starting to like a little glitz,
a little sparkle,
in my life...
So much so,
that I thought
 a little sparkle of  metallic floss
would add a nice touch
to a Christmas sampler
that is currently in my hoop.
I'm thinking just a small hint of sparkle and glitz would look lovely...
Don't you?
Do you like to add a little sparkle,
a little glitz
to your stitching?
I've done the test run on the metallic floss. 
 I need to get my beeswax out...
hoping a little wax will keep this slippery thread in my needle.
 I've stitched one snowflake in metallic onto the sampler and I love it!
Makes me think of a cold winters evening after a fresh snow
and you see an occasional snowflake sparkle in the moonlight.
It will be the perfect touch to this piece.
  Before I had one snowflake stitched,
I  begin to think
 how lovely a whole piece
stitched in
 mostly metallic floss could be...
silver metallic and winter white flosses,
I might just be
goin' a little glitzy
on myself...
Have a good week everyone,









gracie said...

Yes a bit of shine will be so nice!

Val Reaves said...

I think your instincts are right! They are lovely...

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Beautiful. Many of the designs I have done in the past used alot of metallic threads and they can tend to make an item pop in the finished piece. Look forward to seeing this one complete.

Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Brenda,
I think it looks lovely and a little shimmer is a nice addition.

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Your are on to something Brenda!!! I love it!! Can't wait to see this one finished!!!

Karen said...

Rustic mixed with jewels. So pretty. Like snow on a pile of wood or on the tree. Just beautiful. I can't wait to see this and make it too!

Patti said...

Oh, I love what is in your hoop! Yes, I like to add a bit of glitz sometimes, but I have to say that I do not like stitching with the metallic floss that is in your photo. Once I discovered Rainbow Blending Thread by Glissen Gloss there was no turning back! For some reason the Glissen Gloss does not fray as much.

Gabi said...

Ohh, that looks lovely already.
Love also the idea of glitz. But I won't use DMC metallic thread. I kinda always use Petite Treasure Braid by Rainbow Gallery instead. It's a tad thicker then blending filament, and is SO much better then DMC metallics. Even nicer then Kreinik in my opinion.

Crossing fingers that your Christmas Sampler will be soon released. Feeling kinda like wanting to stitch something festive. And yours look like it just would fit the bill :)

Patti said...

I made a mistake ( which is what happens when you are too lazy to get up and check your stash) I prefer what Gabi mentioned, the Petite Treasure Braid. The blending thread Is thinner and what you would blend with regular floss for a tiny bit of glitz.

Unknown said...

J'adore !!!
I love it.

cucki said...

aww it is looking so lovely x

denise said...


Doreen Frost said...

Just beautiful. Your post are always so gorgeous.


Lady Locust said...

So my thing is what I call a dull glimmer:) I'm not all that sparkly, but there is a little something. The kind of floss you show in your picture is the better of the choices. Beware of the kind on the spool - I finally gave mine to Mr. LB for fly-tying. It was horrible to work with. Love your work and thank you for sharing.
PS if you change your mind and need a new home for your reindeer, you can send him my way - love him!

Paula said...

Oooo, ahhhh. LOVE I started adding some sparklies to my Christmas decorations last year.

Kath said...

I love the design in your hoop and teh sparkle is so pretty. Please, what pattern are you stitching? I looked in the shop but don't see it.

Jenny said...

Oh how I love the sampler that you are working on. The extra shine is perfect! I can hardly wait to see this one finished! Happy Stitching!

Pam in IL said...

I wanna come to visit and drool over your vignettes! I haven't used metallic threads very often, but I do like a little sparkle now and then.

Your Christmas sampler has me drooling too. Can't wait to see that one finished and available to purchase.