Thanks Rush...

No pictures this post, just a shipping update.  We use stamps.com, and postage all your packages for shipping, right here at Country Stitches.   The packages get dropped off at the post office each day around 3:30 - 4:00-ish.  They are ready to go, no work for the folk who work the counter there.
  For 3 days we experienced issues logging on...couldn't. 
 This means no packages were able to ship for a few days. 
This means packages were starting to pile up.
I went to the post office to give them a heads up that I just simply couldn't hold packages any longer, and I would be bringing in a few days worth of mail for them to put postage on.   The lady behind the counter
basically told me that they couldn't do it. 
  They are too busy.
After trying to phone stamps.com and using a few "not so nice words"
I googled this...
why can't I login to stamps.com?  
Thanks to "dr google"
 I was able to find out that their servers are down. 
It would be nice if stamps.com would have copied us,
their customers,
on this memo...  
 The google search also took me to their Facebook page,
 my oh my,
 there were some hostile people there.  
One commenter said stamps.com website server issues
 had something to do with their sponsorship
of Rush Limbaugh radio.
If so,
 makes me want to find a new online shipping source...
With this stamps.com issue,
 and the shipping delays from hurricane Sandy
(for those in these areas),
 your packages are taking longer to arrive.
I apologize.
  We thank you for your patience
 and are doing everything to get them to you
 so you can begin your stitching.


Me and My Stitches said...

Seriously? They Post Office can't do their job? I think I would be calling her more than ditzy! Lol - good luck on your shipments!

village folk art said...

It's no wonder USPS is going 'Belly Up'.
What in the does Rush have to do with it???
'Ignorance is Bliss'

I continue to pray "GOD BLESS AMERICA".

Peace to all, Barb

Susieq said...

Glad I ordered the 2 from you when I did. Must have been before the problems. I got them last week and can't wait to get started stitching them. I'm almost finished stitching another design first. Good Luck, I can't believe that the PO were too BUSY.

Teresa said...

ho lasciato diversi commenti per avere una informazione sullo schema
heaven and nature sing , ma non ho mai ricevuto risposta, potrei sapere perchè? la mia domanda è semplice, lo schema è disponibile in pdf?

Charlene ♥ NC said...

What? "The lady behind the counter (I'd like to call her "ditzy", but I won't), basically told me that they couldn't do it. They are too busy." No wonder they have such a bad reputation! Bet you wouldn't get that message at UPS.

Carmen Sutton said...

May be its time to switch to UPS no government involvment A PRIVATE COMPANY that runs a little more smoothly

marly said...

I've had many problems with USPS and their "being busy" even after talking with superiors, and was told to "space out" mailings. Stamps.com stopped advertising on Rush six months ago.

Phoenix Bear Maker said...

I have used UPS for years. They come to my door EVERY DAY for no extra fee. I have a small sign that says UPS and I put it in the living room window. I log onto my account online and tell them what will be ready and print the logs out and stick on the packages. Once a month I can either have it auto deducted from a credit card, a checking account or several other options. The billing comes almost a week in advance for approval. Never have had an issue one with them and my UPS guy is just the best. You might want to check into that.
I love them blaming it on Rush on facebook. Remember its always somebody's else fault - its why they are in the mess they are.
Good luck!

Susan said...

I guess the US post office isnt running on hard times. Maybe when the mail runs only 4 times a week she will have wished she helped you.

DianeM said...

Wow! I'm surprised with all the problems that the P.O. is having staying afloat that they would turn work away! They don't have the time? Hello, it's THEIR job!
Hope everything gets straightened out soon for you <3
Smiles, DianeM
In all fairness, I live in a dinky little town and have great P.O. service :)

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I don't even want to get started on the USPS.. Where I used to work they wanted us to put all our mailin individual tubes by the price of the postage, that way they would not have to sort it. I will just say USPS is a a part of Government therefore, ran by Government.. I used to put all my mail in 2 tubs mixed up and the postmaster would call and remind me to sort it all out before I would Bring It To Them, They would not pick it up either.. I would just laugh at her and say in my sweet southern voice, Why ain't that your job? lol

Doreen Frost said...

Good morning Brenda. Oh goodness. I think I would contact someone regarding the post office. NO matter how busy they are..they can not tell you they can not take your business!!! How can they turn away you with your number of packages rather than individuals with perhaps just one each?

I am anxiously awaiting my order from you and know that no matter the wait it will be ever so worth it :)

Wishing you a joy filled day.

Doreen Frost said...

PS..the picture in your sidebar of what is "currently in your hoop" is absolutely STUNNING!

Is that a new pattern or is that available on your site?

Many thanks, doreen

fran said...

I decided the last time someone tried to blame Rush for something, I would simply ignore them. I placed the order I inended for you with Country Cupboards who made no "political" remarks....and the people at our little Post Office are wonderful!