Anyone else?

It seems as though
 I'm always struggling
 with locating the right shade
 red embroidery floss.
I know the color,
I can find it in nature,
 in faded velvets,
time-worn corduroys...
See that little pincushion?
That shade of red makes my heart flutter...
I want to use it in everything I make.
Anyone else?
I just cannot seem to locate it in hand dyed flosses...
Is it just me?
Anyone else?
For lack of a better word,
I call it faded red. 
Yea, I know...
real original!
 See those dried up berries?
That's the color...
See the light and darker tones within those berries?
 wouldn't that make a lovely
 hand-dyed floss?
Not too
not too
 not too
Just perfect-ish...
Someday when I feel industrious,
I'm going to take a skein of,
 DMC 355.
I'm going to spill some watered-down bleach on it...
to take a bit of the color out,
fade it...
(works when it's not supposed to)
and then,
spill some coffee on it,
to slightly yellow it,
 mellow it
and give it that dirty & grungy look...
(works when it's not supposed to)
whatcha think?
will it work?
I'll let you know when that someday happens...
With thy Needle & Thread,


jan said...


I found an interesting post on a blog I follow which uses a Rit dye to fade/dull floss colors: http://samplers-and-santas.blogspot.com/ . It is the 8/17/12 post. I haven't tried it, but perhaps it's worth a try. Otherwise, colors in the Brick tone might work. ...jan

marly said...

I've used the Pearl Gray Rit (a tiny bit) on 3777 and it's beautiful. I like 3858 as it is, but have darkened it slightly too, with good results.

Doreen B said...

And that's why I love your blog. It describes just how I feel.
I too love those brownish reds and oranges. And just can't put my finger on how to find it - whether threads/floss or fabric. Happy hunting!!!

Lynn said...

Hi Brenda

What about "Red Rock" by Weeks.

Its sounds like it might work.

Hope this helps.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Barb with Blackbird Designs like to fade color out of fabric too. I can not remember what she uses, darn it, but it is a common product. She demonstrated it a couple years ago at the Buggy Barn. I was thinking it would be gentler than bleach.
I do like your color, it would give it a charming antique feel. Have fun, and maybe Gentle Art or Weeks would come up with a color just for you.

Patti said...

Belle Soie Poison Apple and Crescent Colours Calico Kitty are the closest I can find in my stash.
I am sure you have tried both!

New York Dreamer Cross Stitch said...

What about Cherry Cobbler from crescent colours!!!! I never left a comment before, I am a fairly new designer..... I love love love all your design you are soo talented!!!! If you want to stop by my blog any suggestions from you will be very appreciated!!!

Birdie said...

If anyone can do this it's you. Can't wait to see it.

Mouse said...

oooo I hope you find that perfect red its more like a russet red , am sure I have used something near to it but for the life of me can't remember whether it was a gast or a CC thread ...
let us know how your experiment goes :) love mouse xxxx

Rina said...

Hello Brenda,

I'd suggest Victorian Motto Sampler Shop. Nancy has so many beautiful hand dyed reds - a couple called, (funnily enough) Faded Red and Best Faded Red might be exactly what you are looking for. Great prices, fast shipping, and she is lovely to deal with too. She sells through ebay, just Google it! Hope that helps!

Doreen Frost said...

HI Brenda. ahhh..such a perfect color. I too am always trying to achieve the perfect red when I dye my fabric..it is definitely a hard color to achieve.

Wishing you a great day.

KC said...

Hi Brenda!

This is just too funny! Whenever I get a pedicure I always want a "reddy brown" color on my toes. Well I am still looking for that perfect color for my tootsies and that is the exact color I've been yearning for on the pincushion! Now if someone can bottle that color too in a nail polish- life will be complete!

Mickey said...

Alma from Blackbird Designs uses Rita Color Remover. They use it on fabric. It's on her blog dated Monday 10/26/09.

Mickey said...
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Mickey said...

That's Rit Color Remover.

Linda said...

Carries Threads "Mojave Fire";
Weeks Dye "Williamsburg";Crescent Colours "Wild Berries"; Gentle Art's "Weathered Barn".
And DMC 3857.... just my 2 cents and some change - LOL!

Linda in VA

DianeM said...

Hmmmm...I wonder if you could fool around with DMC's Color Variations floss #4130?
Good Luck :) I love that shade of red too :)
Smiles, DianeM

Paulette said...

I feel your pain. ;)

Having said that though, not a single one of your designs has ever lacked anything. Your eye for color is wonderful, with or without that perfect shade of red.


Tedra said...

What about "Barn Door" from Crescent Colors?


It looks very close here to what your picture has....

another idea to check out?