Just waitin'....

Been up since 5 bells.
Couldn't sleep.
I'm giddy,
 because Frances is framed!
So pretty.
Been just waitin' for the sun to rise...
Waitin' for dawn to break
 into a nice partially sunny morning sky (hopefully),
and then it's outside for Frances and I.
Time for a little morning photo shoot session.
After 30 or 40 photos are shot,
then a little photo editing.
 I'll then drop the photo into the pattern cover template,
 that I've created
 for Frances Pool.
I'll digitally send the photo to my big printer at work,
and let the printing begin! 
 What did I do before modern technology?
  When I started designing patterns 25 years ago,
 I was typing on an old fashioned typewriter,
 using white out,
 when the font of choice was Courier...
because it was the only font of choice!
 I really felt like I had something
 when I upgraded to a new typewriter
that had the built-in correction tape!
  And then,
 came along the digital camera,
I use my Canon everyday. 
Lots of hard work and long days
 go into a chart from beginning to finished product.
 On the upside of doing all this "stuff" myself
 (photo shoot, graphics and printing product),
I can pick a framed sampler up one day,
 and by days end of the next,
 I have charts! 
"Thank You" to all who participated in our Cyber Monday shopping event.  So many loyal customers, we are glad to be your source of stitchin' goodies...thank you, thank you!
Have a good day everyone,


Katrina said...

Gorgeous sampler!!!! I will be haunting the mailman waiting for the chart and floss keep to arrive :-). I don't suppose you could post the floss list??? I'd love to have my linen and threads ready to go.

BTW, loving MJ Gardner too.

Melissa said...

Technology! I don't know what I would do if someone sat me down in front of a typewriter. Although I used to play with the one at my nan's shop when I was a little girl. :)

Melody said...

The new sampler looks like it's a beauty.

I totally agree with the technology improvements. I remember using the typewriter all too well. I thought it was huge when I had an electric one of my very own.... ha!

Anonymous said...

Frances Pool looks fabulous in her frame. Love the fillet you chose. In my opinion, it really help to make the frame and the stitching come alive.
I'll be waiting in anticipation for more about the pattern release date.

Have a blessed day.

Jenny said...

Oh Brenda I am totally in love with this sampler. The colors are beautiful and the frame is perfect! You have every right to be so excited! Well done!

Lida said...

Oh what I can see now, looks so good, I want the see it complete! Greetings

Moni said...

Oh Brenda, I am in love with this sampler! I have placed my order and cannot wait to have it in my hands!!!
Great photos too!
Have a wonderful day,

Anonymous said...

I sent you a message. I am hoping you got it. I love your sampler..

Jeanne said...

It's a lovely sampler - congratulations on another winner! I loved seeing that chalk holder you found that makes a musical score...I had forgotten all about those from school days until I saw it on your blog. And to think we'd get excited if the teacher let us clap the erasers after school!