Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

 We have a winner!

No one guessed all three correct, but 13 of you got 2 correct! Those thirteen participants got their names listed two times. I used Random Organizer, listing all of those who had correct guess. I then, with a click of a button, randomized the list.   Since May is our fifth month, it was predetermined, that the fifth name listed after being randomized would be the winner. 
The name that was listed as number 5 was Charlene (heart) SC.  Congratulations Charlene!  Please email me Charlene at order@countrystitchesonline.com with your mailing address.

The peacock blue floss...
a little woman in her large-brimmed gardening hat.
No one guessed this correctly.
The red floss...
an old-fashioned wheel barrow.
No one guessed this one correctly either.
The red and peacock blue floss is also used in the American flag. There were a lot of correct guesses for flag.

The mellow golden yellow floss...
a busy little bumble bee.
No one guessed this correctly.
Thanks everyone who participated in the give-away.  It was fun reading your guesses!
Watch for the release of May Word Play on April 1st.

Have a good evening,


Cari said...

Love it...this was so much fun !! I'm so looking forward to the Spring Sampler. I can see by your sneak peek the greens are some of my favorites !!

denise said...

can't wait to get my may word play! i wondered if there was a flag in there. i guess i should have posted that. i'm waiting for the pattern with the whitman candy box. denise

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Woo hoo! I'm a lucky duck today!! Thank you so much for this gorgeous giveaway - I'm tickled pink (or any other of those gorgeous colors). I've emailed you, and look forward to fondling those fabulous fibers.

Lynn said...

Okay so I wasn't even close but it was fun! Congrats to Charlene!

Anonymous said...

It was fun, thank you. Congrats to Charlene!
Judy in Kansas