Have you ever wondered...

what it
looks like
before someone 
the cat
outta the bag??
Silly kitty.

I'm not traveling.
I've been home
 for quite some time,
The kitty found this spot
 I got things put away...
and he's just so cute
all curled up 
in my new
Amy Butler travel bag
that I haven't had the heart
to put it away.
This is one of those 
cats that 
owns a human...

Have a good evening,


SonjaC said...

I have a sweet little cat who does the exact same thing, they are so darn cute!!

Penny said...

My daughter's cat enjoys curling up in her bathroom sink the most, but has been found inside some of her bags as well.... they are funny little friends.....

Ann said...

Isn't it amazing what we do for our feline friends? There are 2 of them in this house that rule over the 5 of us with only 2 legs! Whatever Frito and Shadow want.....~Ann

Elizabeth said...

Too cute. Maybe he thinks it's time he went on a trip?!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Your bag has beautiful colors and your kitty is so pretty too! I have 2, and 1 named MoMo thinks I must be a bag because he always tries lay all around my chest. And on top of that is jealous of my cross stitch if he hasn't had enough attention! He purposely blocks my view of my chart, and if I move the chart he will move too so I can't see it.

Wanda said...

One of our cats loves to sleep on an empty pizza box! Great picture. I can understand why you haven't put your bag away...I understand about being owned by your cat! :) Wanda

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I know what you mean by them owning us!! Love that Bag!!!

Susan said...

Great picture and a very content cat. I know what you mean about not having the heart to put things away that those fuzzbutts have decided is theirs - you'd think they own the place!! 8-)

Ann said...

Now I don't know which one is cuter ... your cat or the Amy Butler bag ;-)!
Those furballs really owe people! :-)

Lynn said...

They do love bags and boxes, don't they? Clarisse loves to jump in my open stitching bag every chance she gets.