Just a little "b-hind"

My goal 
was to have my new Spring/Easter-time punch needle pattern designs
 ready to go
 on March 1st,
that's what my little calendar says anyway...
butt ,
I'm running
 a little behind...
Have a good day,

New patterns are starting to arrive,
watch for new Stacy Nash,
 Blackbird Designs, 
Scarlett Letter,
 Plum Street Samplers patterns
and others.
  New scissors from Kelmscott 
and new sheep and owl charms...
they are darling!


Mary said...

LOL sometimes I feel a lit b-hind myself. Been watching our eagles, with my Soar needlework on wall next to upstairs computer.

sheravery said...

Hi Brenda,
Just a quick, unrelated question. The bunny doll on your header, did you make her? She is ADORABLE!! Also, LOVE, LOVE your new patterns. Gotta have one of each :>) !


Olivia said...

I wish I HAD a little behind, but I don't want to BE a little behind. :-)

Crystal said...

So loving that little behind! Can't wait to see the whole design.....so excited! LOVE your punch needle pattern, I won't stitch any others...