Soar SAL...

Welcome to week 2 of the Soar SAL! Before beginning here I'd like to let all my followers & customers, from the south that have been affected by the horrific tornadoes, that you are in our thoughts and prayers. One of my cross stitch model stitchers, April (who most recently stitched my Bunny & Co. pattern) lives in Alabama. I received word from her late yesterday that they are okay. They have friends who have lost their homes, but thankful that no loss of life of family or friends for April.

We welcome 4 new stitchers to this weeks progress...welcome Connie, Pat, Sharon & Teena!
The above is Connie's piece. Connie started her sampler on April 19th. Due to the tornadoes in Arkansas last week, she was unable to send us her photo last week. Connie is working her piece on 30 count Weeks, color - Beige. She is using an assortment of flosses from her stash.
The above photo is from Pat. She just started her sampler 5 days ago. She is using the 30 count Onyx linen with suggested DMC flosses, with the exception of the following:

Charcoal (WDW) instead of DMC 30021

Cappuccino (WDW) instead of DMC 644.

Camouflage (CC) instead of DMC 378

Barrel Cactus (CC) instead of DMC 3046
She is stitching over 2 threads using 2 strands.

You can visit Pat over at her blog right here.
The above photo is from Sharon. Sharon is using a 36 count linen, color Picture this Plus Barnwood. She is using 1 strand of floss in the suggested DMC flosses. I'm not certain if Sharon is working over 1 or 2 strands. Let us know Sharon, inquiring minds want to know!
Above we have Teena's sampler in progress. She is late in joining in as she was on a mission to locate herself some of the black linen and she found it! Her daughters kindergarten class is enjoying watching the eagle cam as well. She lives near an eagles nest but never knew what happened way up in the tree top!
The above photo is from Harriet, she is joining us again with her weeks progress of stitching. She had a gathering of stitching friends at her home recently and her guest enjoyed seeing her Soar sampler.
And we have a finish! Bonnie is finished with her sampler and has chosen a black frame for her finishing touch. If you look closely you will note that three of the letters in the alphabet are stitched in a different color of floss. Bonnie chose to select her three initials and stitch them in red...a nice and personal touch to her piece.
The above photo shows Paula's progress. She wasn't sure of the linen color in last weeks posting. She would like to clarify that it is Green Slate.
Above is Judy's WIP. She has made one color substitution since last week, substituting DMC 300 for DMC 3023. She is a blogger, be sure to visit her here. Be sure to scroll down atad on Judy's blog...even her kitty is enjoying the eagle cam!!
Here is Barbara's update. She says she finds it slow going on dark linen, so she didn't get much done as she would have liked to. She was hoping to watch the Royal Wedding with stitching in hand.
And lastly, the above photo is my work in progress of the Soar Sampler. I am working on the 30 count Onyx linen by Weeks Dye Works, using all of the suggested DMC flosses as listed in the pattern. With just a bit of the stream left and one side of the fence, I'm hoping to have a finish perhaps for next weeks posting.

For those of you who have inquired about the 30 count Onyx linen, our shipment arrived yesterday. We have a limited supply, so if you are holding out on starting your sampler for the availability of the linen, it is now available for purchase on our website. It is located under the NEW ITEMS category.
I'd like to thank all of the SOAR SAL participants! It has been fun seeing each of your own samplers with your own personal touches take shape.

Once again, we will post pictures again next Friday. If you haven't joined in, please do so...you are all welcome to join in on this stitching fun. I must admit, the SAL is pushing me to get mine finished in a timely fashion.

Have a good day,


MoonBeam said...

Everyone's projects are looking beautiful. I have only worked on the border so far, so didn't bother posting a photo. Hoping to have something more interesting to share next week.

I like getting a real idea of the size of this from working on the border that it is small. I would like to have my piece finished before Birds of a Feather starts, and I am a SLOW stitcher!

Lookin' good, everyone.


P.S. Thoughts and prayers for those affected by all the recent storms. Sad and surreal.

SharoninStLouis said...

Sorry -- I am stitching mine with one strand of floss over two threads on 36 count linen.
It is such a fun stitch, and luckily I was able to stitch a bit this morning while I enjoyed the royal wedding.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Beautiful stitching - everyone! I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite. (Although I do like Bonnie's initial touch!) Makes me wish I would have done this piece - although it's been years since I've worked a sampler and not sure my years would cooperate!! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

mdgtjulie said...

It is really nice to see everyone's own personal touches. I really like Bonnie's idea of changing the color of her initials! Everyone seems to be working them up so quickly!! Grats to everyone!