3 choices of meat

all you can eat.

I can tell this is now to the point where it probably isn't for the weak hearted or weak stomached. Linda, have you gagged yet???? Tee heeeee...my sister Linda is a gagger, we all like trying to make her gag. Aren't we mean??

My advise to the eagle mom & pop, puleassseeeee leave the robins alone...don't you know there are bigger birds in the sky to catch??? Poor ruby red-breast was today's mid afternoon snack. :-(

I have told myself that the day I see a cat in the nest is the day I shut this off...

They wouldn't eat a cat, would they???????

If you haven't visited the eagle cam recently, there are now 2 eaglets. Both seem to be doing well. Tomorrow there should be 3! Did anyone see the one little eaglet was on the outside of the nest cavity this afternoon? OMG, I immediately went into frantic mode. It was out along the edge, near the twigs. What keeps these little varmints from falling through the cracks of those bigger twigs is what I want to know? I sat and yelled at the parent and told the dh that that this is all I need... one more thing to stress over... worrying that these little fuzz balls are going to fall out of the nest. Finally the parent eagle picked the little one with it's beak and tucked it back into the nest and I then crossed that off my "worry list"...

Have a good evening, Brenda


Teresa said...

Brenda you are too funny. I don't know if I like the babys or your comments better. I guess once a mom always a mom, you worry about everything.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Cari said...

Luckily we don't have 'mac-smell' or I'd be gagging too! Just looking doesn't bother me at all...everyone needs to eat. Now...a dead cat in the nest would probably do me in as I have 3 of them in my 'nest'. Now...I nearly went into cardiac arrest over the tiny fledgling hanging out of the nest. I was hollering at the screen and I still have an upset stomach... Glad they're all safe. This has really been fun watching.

Now...looking forward to your Mystery Sampler. Two friends and I are going to do a stitch-a-long. I think we'll have a lot of fun.

Lelia said...

I've been watching + enjoying. It is so interesting - and one more egg to hatch.

hope they keep the camera rolling

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi,Brenda -
I went back into your previous posts and found the link to the Eagle family. I've got it on now (it's 2:20 A.M. here) not much going on, I guess the poor things are sleeping which I should be doing. I see the wind and the robins and it's definitely a tough life for wild creatures. I hope I get to see an eaglet hatch. They are awfully cute and homely at the same time. Thanks for sharing and I hope kitties everywhere are safe!
Warm Regards,
Susan B.,Western MA

Barbara said...

Thank you for telling all of us about the eagles! I have shared it with my grown daughters and with my father. We are all "hooked" now and keep up with them, too. I love checking the camera and your website every morning to see if I've missed anything! Thank you.

Linda said...

I thought I was the only one who was probably worrying about that eaglet outside the nest cavity. Once when I checked in, the camera was doing a close-up of the dead bunny which grossed me out! Then I checked in this morning and there was the bird! You are right...a cat had better not be next!!

Anonymous said...

Brenda I have been watching since you posted the link. My husband thinks I am crazy, I find it interesting. I was so grossed out when they did a close up of her eating the bunny. I love bunnies, we have a pet bunny. It was sad. But her babies are so cute!! Thanks for sharing. Pat

Anonymous said...

Yes Brenda, I saw that too. I was frecking out and stressing right along with you. It did seem for awhile like 'daddy eagle' didn't even know he was out there. Baby eagle #1 is sure getting stronger. I really enjoyed watching it even though I was fearful for its safety. I think they needed a little extra room to rearrange the nest. Have you noticed how they have built it up and make it smaller inside to contrain the little darlings.
Did you sister see the fly's crawling on the smorgasboard of food? That might make her gag a little. ;)
I was commenting yesterday about how it is going to start to smmmeeelll up there in the next day or two. I hope whom ever is going to try to tag the eaglet will be wearing a gas mask to say the least.
Have a great day and enjoy nature.

Anonymous said...

I was reading your post and post comments to my mother. She has also been watching the eagle action and is addicted.
She wanted to say that she thinks that someone needs to have a setdown talk with momma and teach her some house keeping lessons.;)

I commented back to her last night that I am glad I am not a baby eaglet.

nancy said...

Brenda- first thanks for sharing this eagle story a couple weeks ago-- I too have gotten addicted to them and my"dh" has even gotten out of his TV chair to watch- lol-- but yesterday was truly awful watching the little one so close to the edge- and now I don't even want to think what is in the nest now---I laughed about your cat comment- but have told my little 5 pound Yorkie- Jack- he's not going outside for awhile--- :) nancy from indiana

sheravery said...

Ooooh! I saw that baby out there, too. I did some verbal chastising to Mom/Dad like they were listening to me! Husband thinks I'm off my hinges a little. One of those little fluff balls is a bit of a bully. I was just watching and he/she was giving the other one some rather strong head-butts. Knocked it on its' little keester. Doesn't Mom referee these things? #3 may be in for a rough time if they both gang up on him. But it sure is interesting watching all of the activity, though not real crazy about the grocery delivery.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Brenda you are a total nut! I gagged over the bunny and well over all the other dead critters. I'm a vegetarian.
Love all of your work. You are so fun!
xx, shell