C'est fin!

However you say it...

Ann Sandles 1846 is finished! Framing is next...

Antique reproduction chart of the sampler due out soon!

With thy Needle & Thread,



I've had several emails with frantic stitchers who don't have a LNS for the "Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler". We will not be offering the club on our website. The publishing, printing, collating and packaging for this club over the next 3 months will be enough on our plate, me thinks!!!


if you do a Google or Yahoo search engine search, typing in the following - "Birds of a Feather Mystery Club by Brenda Gervais", it will take you to shops who are willing to include you in their group via mail order. What did we do before Google??? Hurry though, the time is drawing near where your subscription to this club needs to be committed to!


Deb said...

I think your sampler is going to be a "Must Have". I love it already and can't wait until it comes out!!

Cari said...

I'm right there with Deb! so looking forward to this one

Linda said...

I've been able to join the mystery through elegantstitch.com. I've also been able to arrange to have the linen and threads sent also. I've been doing business with them for many years now and they are just wonderful! They are in California and I am in Maine but they are my LNS. :)