Cell phones & grandma's

Anyone that knows me, knows that in the past I haven't been too keen with cell phones. Call me old-fashioned, I guess... My cell phone always tended to be in the bottom of my purse without any charge.

THEN I became a grandma & I learned about receiving pictures, pictures of the grand baby via phone. Need I say more...my phone is always charged! The moment it makes that crazy little sound, I drop what I am doing IMMEDIATELY & go running to see what the little one is up to.

This is the picture that arrived today via phone, with the message "Anyone know of a good fishin' hole?" He is modeling his new hat & sandals for Grandma. He looks pretty proud of his new hat, don't you think?
I said my usual "oh, isn't he cute...isn't he precious?" I then immediately picked up the phone, the one that hangs on the wall that is, & called his mommy!

enjoying grandmotherhood,


missy said...

Great story and even greater photo. I'm loving thoose shoes!!!

If I were old enough to be a grandma....okay okay I'm well old enough but you would have never known-lol!!!


The French Bear said...

I too know how sweet the sound is when my cell rings a certain tune.... it's a picture of one of the grandchildren...... I love to get those messages!!!
Margaret B

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Children are precious gifts...I'm not a granny, but I am a mommy and I know :)

Patricia Lessell said...

Being a grandma is the best thing in the whole world! And he is sooooo cute. I always said that being a mother was my best thing but it doesn't compare to being a Grandma. I just love being a Grandma the best of anything in the whole world! Lots of Love from one Grandma to another Patti xxx

ihook2 said...

Oh, Brenda he's darling....I too am a grandma and I so love it. I always drop anything to be with her. She's 7 now and just like a little adult...wants to needle punch too. Enjoy your time with him, they grow up so fast. Blessings-

Unknown said...

“THEN I became a grandma & I learned about receiving pictures, pictures of the grand baby via phone.” – The things you do when you’re a grandparent. I don’t know why you’re not keen on using cellphones, but it appears this little one has turned you otherwise. Now, you’re not only always in touch with your loved ones, you also got to see photos of your grand baby’s shenanigans. Darnell @ SnapFon.com