I Spy...

It's a beautiful & sunny Saturday morning!
The earth is starting to warm up,
green plants are beginning to stretch and yawn,
peaking from under winter blankets of leaves.
My most favorite time of the year.

I spy



 Wild violets...

{Note to violets} Hurry up sweet violets,
I need a small handful of your little purple blooms!
You are needed for a prop in a photo shoot...

I spy...
a fluffy spring sheep!

Sweet Violets will include a spring sheep.
  The vast majority of  those that left comments here,
and on Facebook,
 wanted a sheep.
The sheep can easily be omitted
for those who don't do sheep,
just extend the flower stems down to meet the pasture.
The sheep just seemed to work for this design,
am glad I went with this version.
I am going to spend the day outdoors,
 cleaning off the flowerbeds.
  Am also thinking,
 it would be a great day to put some meat in the smoker....
maybe some ribs or pork shoulder,
 and a couple of chickens.
Hope you are enjoying a beautiful,
 Saturday in your little
 "neck of the woods".

With thy Needle & Thread,


Elizabeth said...

I absolutely adore this design. Love sheep, so this is one I would love to work on. When will it be out as a pattern

Kathy L. said...

I like the sheep. Can't wait for this one. My neck of the woods was cold ( forecast 60's ending up 45). Spring in Milwaukee area is still winter. I need to see more of every one else's spring photos.


LaNelle said...

Colors are so pretty, just perfect for Spring!

gracie said...

love the violets and the sheep

LKICT said...

I'm excited to see the finished project! I like the wool idea.

Kate said...

Oh, I am delighted to see the sheep.

Rachael said...

Oh I love the sheep addition! Slowly but surly spring is starting to appear!

Deb F said...

Love, love, love those wool violets!

Unknown said...

Love, Love, love the design with the sheep and the violets which are my favorite flower. Can't wait till its release. Keep up all your beautiful work.