E F G H I....where are you?

A big package arrived yesterday,
with a new, old sampler inside.

I opened it
and just sat with it on my lap and admired it.
So long, that I forgot to make supper... ;)

The fact that our needlework will outlast us
makes every stitch seem more worthwhile.

It's verse reads:
Why should I say tis yet too soon
to seek for heaven or think of death
a flower may fade before tis noon
and I this day may lose my breath.

Margaret was 11 years old.
She completed her sampler in 1825.

Sweet little meandering strawberry border...

There is some stitch loss in the alphabet.
It may take a bit of research through my library of sampler books to locate this alphabet
for the missing letters
if my eyes and magnification fails me. 
 The missing letters were probably stitched in purple floss. 
After studying many of my samplers,
front side to back,
I notice that the purple floss always fades
to a faint gray,
and was more susceptible to stitch loss.
Probably had to due with the dying process of that color of thread.

If you look real, real hard you will also see a little border between the rows of letters.
I can make out that there was a tiny orange center stitch with probably 4 purple stitches around it.
I may need to personalize this portion of the sampler, as it is pretty hard to make out what was stitched between the portion that I can make out.

E F G H I....where are you?

The antique is worked in wool and silk threads on canvas ground.
I will be working the reproduction in silks.

Looking for those exact floss matches...
Little red houses always tug at these heartstrings...

The bottom portion of the sampler is filled with all sorts of fun things to stitch...
a  red brick house with a garden,  a shepherd,  and a shepherdess tending their flock of sheep.
This will be my next project to tackle.
Hoping to start charting this weekend
 and it will be my "casual summer stitch".
 Hoping to release the chart sometime this fall.

With thy Needle & Thread,


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, Brenda, those are MY colours! I love them! Looking forward to seeing more as your reproduction progresses along!

Pam in IL said...

Oh what fun! Can't wait to see the whole piece. Happy Weekend!

Cari said...

This is going to be a beautiful stitch. I L.O.V.E. silk floss so this one will be a must have for me. Have fun researching the EFGHI !!

la mouette said...

I'm very impressed by your work and the way you're dedicated to reviving those old needleworks and their authors at the same time.
I sometimes use a book of samplers, charted by a Frech lady who obviously share your passion.It is entitled "ouvrages de dames" by Véronique Maillard.

I visit your website regularly although I don't have the time to do any stitiching at the moment. But only visiting your website is relaxing.

llknbillburg said...

Looks luscious! Can't wait to see the charting progress! Laura

pj said...

Brenda, I love the colors you have shown!! Have fun charting and stitching this one. We love your work and have learned to be patient! Haha

Pam in Iowa

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

It appears to be a lovely sampler! Exciting ;)

Katken said...

You know I'm addicted to brick houses & sheep!! Lol. Enjoy the stitch...I will wait patiently!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Looks like you've found another beauty, Brenda! The pinks and greens are right up my alley. Have a wonderful weekend!

A Primitive Homestead said...

It is a beautiful piece of artwork. How wonderful you will be restoring to original lettering and color match. That takes talent and patience.

LaNelle said...

Looks like a beautiful piece with lovely colors look forward to seeing it completed have fun with it.

Marlene said...

Hello! I love the verse!!! I'll be looking forward to the finished reproduction.

Elizabeth said...

If only I had more time - I really must do something about creating more time so I can stitch more beautiful samplers as you do - thanks for the inspiration and the kick to get me started.

Lynn said...

This is going to be wonderful Brenda! Just reading the verse makes me wonder what happened in this young girl's life to make her ponder death at so young an age.
I look forward to seeing your personalization of that tiny border. I certainly appreciate the time that goes into charting and stitching each reproduction. Can't wait for this one!

Rachel F said...

What a wonderful way to "lose" an evening! Quite like being so caught up in a book, you have forgotten where you are.
I will enjoy watching you unravel the mysteries of this lovely sampler. Very excited you are planning to use silks -- another "guilty" pleasure.

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