Found my hearts & a change of heart...

You would think after all the practice that I have had
 that I would get it right on the first try...
I have had a change of heart.
I have changed linen choice.
Not enough contrast between linen and some flosses,
 so I have restarted
 on the slightly darker
 Old Town Blend linen.
So far, so good.
I am working this using 2 strands over 2 threads, 
something I rarely do,
 but this too,
will help those lighter shades of floss
 pop off the linen.  
When I work with two strands,
I lay my stitches with a laying tool...
I don't work as fast when I stitch this way,
 it does make for perfectly laid stitches.

If you worked last years Valentine sampler, the box choices for 2014 are the same as 2013.
I am using the Russel Stovers 4.75 Red Foil Heart  & the 1 .75 Photo Heart

If you happen to find Whitman's hearts, these are the sizes that will work from this brand:
4.5 and 1.6 oz boxes.
While the weight of the boxes are lighter,
 the heart shaped box is the same size
 as the slightly heavier Russel Stovers.

It is a bitterly cold day here,
 temperatures were near 50 degrees below zero overnight.
Schools are cancelled,
 businesses are closed,
people are warned to stay inside.
The dear husband got a call over the weekend 
from the utility company that his workplace must go on alternative fuel
 until Tuesday,
 due to the big demand of electricity.  

The electricity flickered early this morning...
Fingers and toes crossed that we don't lose power.
I too will be staying home today.
I've got lots of stitching to get done, 
in a short amount of time.

I am working through some arm pain since a week before Christmas. 
 I think I injured it moving a shipment of cover stock paper.
   It feels like somebody "slug bugged" me in the shoulder.
   Of course,
 it is my stitching arm
 that has my "mouse finger" on it,
 and is the arm I tuck under my pillow and sleep on...
none of these things help a sore arm!
   Sleep has been very restless,
 and stitching,
 quite uncomfortable.  

Off to stitch,
stay warm,


Val Reaves said...

I'm a novice stitcher.... So I was wondering what a laying in tool is? Stay warm!
Val in Kansas

Val Reaves said...

I am a novice stitcher...so I was wondering what a laying in tool and how is it used? I always enjoy checking in with you...always lovely posts..
Stay warm!
Val in Kansas

SewAmy said...

I can not wait see what you created! I'm on pins and needles. You mentioned there are was one from last year with the candy box... is there a photo of it somewhere? I'd love to see it.

Mary A said...

I see a new project in my immediate future! Very nice, Brenda! Sorry to hear about your arm. And yes, I too, would love to see your laying tool in action!

Karen said...

I am currently working the Valentines projects from last year and the year before. They are so beautiful. I feel your pain too. I sit in front of a computer all day and my stitching shoulder is aching so bad I had to lay the stitching down tonight. And then I see the pattern for this year and know I will have to make it! They are so old-fashioned and filled with charm and I adore the colors and using only one thread. When I work with two I also use the laying tool or another technique to help the stitches lay nice. I can't wait to see this pattern and hope the ice for my shoulder and the splint for my wrist keeps me stitching so I can so this new one! I will be stopping tomorrow for the chocolate, oh, I mean boxes!

gracie said...

Another lovely design I am sure.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful preview I can't wait S. Valentine!!! I'm sorry for the cold weather...

Kathy said...

For those of you who are wondering about the pattern for the candy box, here is the link back to Brenda's original post.


Laying tools are usually held in hand and can be as simple or as elegant as you would like them to be. The basic design is such that the working end of the tool tapers to a point. As you bring your needle back into the fabric, you use the laying tool to "lay" the threads flat so that they do not twist upon each other. There are several nice video demonstrations available and Mary Corbet over at Needle N Thread immediately comes to mind.

Judy said...

Looking forward to new pattern. I'm sure new color the right choice. Was wondering from photo if the double thread you were using is Valdani or overdyed as what will be on pattern pkg? It has such a nice twist and seems thicker than WDW etc. Would love to know. The candy boxes are in the stores now! Woohoo!

Doreen Frost said...

First of all I hope you feel better soon...don't push yourself too much as that will make it worse.

This cross stitch is just lovely. Is that a real piece of chocolate?? :) Love the look of cross stitch..I've done it a few times and I enjoyed it, but I'm afraid, my eyes did not care for it. I must have the room lit up like a lighting showroom to do my punch needle :)

Wishing you a warm up. Be safe in this weather.

Lynn said...

I have never tried a laying tool. I'm afraid that with my OCD, I never get a piece stitched. I'd spend all my time trying to get the stitches to lie just the right way, lol!
Sounds like you might have some inflammation in that arm of yours. Perhaps an Aleve tablet before bed would help you sleep better until it heals.

Pam in IL said...

I'm so anxious to see your new design! As someone who suffers from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I totally understand what you are going through with your arm pain and difficult nights. We're as cold as you are. Stay warm!

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