Coming Soon!

~Mary Valentine's Handework~

worn ticking
old buttons
x x x x

x x x x x 

paper heart doilies
old keys
heart boxes
x x x x x

sweet sentiments stitched
in post-card style
x x x x x

"the gift is small
love is all"

Mary Valentine's Handework
coming soon!
x x x x x


Vonna Pfeiffer said...


Elizabeth said...

All sounds lovely - can't wait!

edie said...

Got my heart boxes this a.m. at Walgreen's, one piece of candy already gone! Designs look absolutely lovely, of course!!!!

Jennifer M said...

Simply lovely...so lovely Brenda

annieturner2011 said...

I can not wait to get this pattern. So sweet!

Unknown said...


Danice G said...

Beautiful work Brenda. I am a beginner at cross stitching, and hope to get better. Prim blessings :)

Mary A said...

You got me with the name, and the worn ticking and old buttons. We need paper hearts too? I couldn't find the 4.75 oz. box at WalMart but Walgreens had them. The chocolates are sadly missing now ;( Can't wait for this new design.

~Judy~ said...

Gotta have it!

Julie M said...

Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person!

Farm Girl said...

I have spent time going from store to store looking for boxes. I can't wait until you publish your patterns they look yummy, I think of course better than the candy. :)

Angie said...

I very much like what I see:) Love the colors....birds, angels, flowers....all my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

Diana said...

can't wait to see the finished project, looks like it's just for me :)

thai99 said...

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thai99 said...

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thai99 said...

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Treety Te said...

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Treety Te said...

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Treety Te said...

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