It's that time of year again!

Time to wander down the candy isle!
This year
 I'm even going to give you reason
to treat yourself
two boxes
 of chocolates!
Hurry up,
 sink your teeth into
 the chocolates,
cause we are going
 to be re-purposing
heart-shaped boxes
 cute little sewing/ditty boxes,
 cross stitched
This year you will need the 4.75 oz. Red Foil Heart
the teeny little 1.75 oz Photo Heart
Valentines candies
are now showing up
 in the candy aisles,
 check your local retailer!
  If not available for you locally,
you can purchase directly
 Russel Stover. 
Click on red hyper-links above,
 to take you directly
 to the correct heart-shaped boxes. 
It is very important that you use the correct sized
hearts, to fit the cross stitched work.
For those of you who didn't partake
 in this annual
 Valentines event,
here is last years chart...
With thy Needle & Thread,


Shannon Meyer said...

You are SO my favorite designer if for no other reason than you give me an excuse to buy (and eat) more chocolate. (Actually I really like your designs too:)

~*Sharee*~ said...

I can't wait hun, I did join in last year and Kenny just "hates" that I have to get 2 boxes of chocolates this year..lol

Hugs, Shar

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Can't wait. I just finished Two of your heart designs on my blog. I couldn't find the heart box yet so used a different box but it came out quite lovely. I will be looking for these soon!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh I just love it when a designer tells me I can eat chocolate!!!
Two of my favorite things ~ chocolate and x stitch!!!
Looking forward to your newest design!
Wishing you all the best in 2013!
Prim Blessings

Carin said...

I came to wish you a Happy New year !!

edie said...

I so agree with Robin, eat chocolate, x stitch . . . add a little quilting and wool applique for PERFECTION!!!!! Okay, got two boxes (takes no time to consume the little one, it's only 3 yummy pieces), BUT I got the wrong size on the larger one. Oh well, guess I'll just have to get a third box. The sacrifices I make to follow my fav designer! Thanks Brenda!

Clare said...

Happy New Year Brenda from this side of the world.`Be My Valentine`I have ready to stitch. Thankyou for designing such enjoyable patterns. You are one of my favourite designers. Happy Stitching.

Crystal said...

Oh Brenda I am really excited about this new Valentine project. However, I don't know how to cross stitch. Can you believe it? Would love to learn someday. Maybe you could add a punch needle version? Happy New Year!!!

VLPDevore said...

I'm new to this but already purchased one of the boxes (chocolates gone : )
How do I receive the patterns? Is there a list, kit, pricing? Thanks so much really looking forward to this project. VickieD

DebbieSFL said...

I went to pick up a prescription and also to buy my hearts. I bought the wrong size for the small one--I bought the 1.6 oz--Oh, well, guess I will have to sacrifice and buy the other one this week!! LOL. Can hardly wait til the pattern comes out.

Amy said...

I am working on the "Be My Valentine chart right now.I have finished the needle envelope, now on to the pincushion.I have an antique wood box I will put them in. So glad I found your blog.

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