A New Find!

I imagine there are a few of you,
 like myself,
 where your local Wal-Mart
 is your only source for craft supplies,
specifically craft paint.
  I've used their little bottles of craft paint
for years,
 and have problems
 with my paint drying out,
 locating just the right color.
    I don't feel like the craft paint companies
 have done their best
to kept up on color trends...JMHO.
 I wandered down the house paint isle,
 while perusing my local Wal-Mart,
 found these...
Cute little paint tester jars in gobs of colors. 
 Even varying shades of within a color! 
My paint dilemma
 has been resolved!
 you know what is my favorite part of these little 2 oz. jars?
A paint brush is even included! 
 No paint brushes to wash,
 how nifty is that?!!
 I know you aren't going to be able to paint much detail
 with this size of brush,
 for large surface background painting,
the brush is ideal.
As you can see,
 I am readying my heart-shaped boxes
 for the upcoming
 "Valentine Sampler"
cross stitch chart. 
 After buying an ivory, red and brown paint,
 I've decided upon the Ground Nutmeg Brown (#WGN32) paint,
making the boxes look like a milk chocolate heart. 
If you would like to step outside of the box,
and paint your boxes a different color,
paint colors Cranberry Zing (#WGR32) or Whispering Wheat (#WGN30) also match the floss selections very nicely.
Wishing you all a fun-filled winter weekend,


Gloria said...

I'm off to Walmart!!!

jennifer768 said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful tip.Will be sure to check them out.Hugs,Jen

Shari said...

and if you watch Brenda, there are often coupons available online for these little paints! My husband makes frames & when people want them painted, these little paints are our turn to paint!
We have used coupons & gotten these for mere pennies!

Jan said...

I found these paint samples a few months before Christmas. They are great! I have a nice supply of them now...

Gayle said...

What a great idea! Can you tell me how much these little bottles cost?

Raymond Homestead said...

How neat! I wonder if the Walmarts around here have those.

dianeknottllc.blogspot.com said...

Brenda, I use a lot of craft paints. I have hundreds of bottles. I saw somewhere to store them upside-down to keep them from drying out. It seems to help. Of course, when you open them, they sometimes let out more than you want! So I end up taking a brush and lapping it up and putting it back in the bottle. *sigh* Always something! LOL!

Moonpie primitives said...

I Have to say that is the best new I have heard in days....LOL...I am off to Walmart...What would I do with out your blog???
Thanks for the tip,

Pam in IL said...

I always see those little sample paints at Menards and I keep wondering just what I could do with them -- now I know! Thanks for the suggestion.

Kerri said...

Now that is cool! I never thought to look there for small jars of paint. You are genius!

Here's a tip for you - When I was trying to decide on what color to paint my bedroom. I took the pictures off the wall and painted a square behind it. If I didn't like the color, I just put the picture back. My dear hubby was very surprised when I cleared the room to paint and there were all these swatches painted that he had no clue about.