It's Friday...

and that means it's garbage day! 
The highlight of this little ones day
as you may remember from
a previous posting...
Momma asked him
 if he would like to go outside
 and sit on the steps 
to watch the garbage truck...

his response,
"no, I'd be scared."
You got to love the honesty here...

Grandma B wonders
 if the driver of the truck
 ever notices
 the little blonde haired boy
 peering out the window
 at him.  
She's also thinking
 a simple wave
 to this little one
 would really
 make his
 Friday morning...

Have a good weekend everyone,


Dorothy said...

Maybe Grandma could leave the door open when she hears the truck coming?

Vickie said...

You bring back memories. I had two blonde haired little boys that watched from the upstairs window when he came. The garbage man noticed one day and waved. Such joy and happiness there was. :)

MartyG said...

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Denise said...

When my two grandsons were younger they used to hang off the stairs railing and pretend they were on the back of the garbage truck. They loved to watch them too! Funny how such little things are forever in your memories

Cath said...

My two littlies used to wave to the men who emptied the bins , and they would wave back. Not sure who enjoyed it most , but one morning the kids were still in bed when they came round , and there were some very sad faces peering through the window .X

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

How sweet! When our boys were little, they watched ALL the comings and goings too, but were just beside themselves the day the mailman left two little pumpkins and waved to them standing in the doorway! He waved every day after that. Such little things can make a child so happy!!--Jan

my3Kitties said...

I have a 4 month old Cockapoo puppy, unlike little boys loving the garbage trucks - she is deathly affraid of them. This morning, just hearing the banging they were making off in the distance without even seeing them, she made a run for the house without wanting to go outside! It made me chuckel after reading your post yesterday...just had to share.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Why don't you put a note on top of the bin "Please wave to the little boy at the window"

The highlight of the week at my son's preschool is the binmen driving past, all the children rush outside to wave at them. They always wave back too.