Busy Busy...

I hope you are all enjoying
 the Memorial Day holiday weekend. 
I think all weekends should be 3 days long,
don't you?
Will be a working weekend for me
 in preparation
 of upcoming pattern releases.

I worked all day on
pattern things
 stuff like this...
he did this
all day!

The dh treated me to a carry out dinner
 that we enjoyed
 along the lake shore
 this evening.
The mother mallards
 Canada geese
 had their young out on the water...
they were enjoying
 a carry out dinner of water bugs & critters.
I don't think there is anything
 cuter then
baby ducklings.
  One little duckling liked to wander off
mom & siblings,
and then
he'd have to hurry hurry
to catch up
with lots of peep peeps
telling everyone to wait up
as he was running on top of the water...
so stinkin' cute!

Was a very warm & humid day,
summer has arrived!

With thy Needle & Thread,


Anonymous said...

Oh, I can hardly wait for the new patterns. Any chance the doll will be a future pattern?

sunny said...

YES!! All weekends should be 3 days. I've always thought that. One day to do chores and run errands, and two days to play, or eat takeout at the lake and watch baby duckies. Sounds like a perfect day.

mdgtjulie said...

Ducklings ARE stinking cute. We used to get them every year when we were children, and then we'd take them to my grandma's house on the river and let them go. Unfortunately, they very rarely came back. There are buggier areas, lol. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. Sounds like you had a lovely time near the water. Good luck meeting all your deadlines. (And didn't you know? Watching us work makes them tired, lol.)


Yes, Yes, Yes, they should all be 3 days long!!! Your kitty is adorable, you wonder how they can sleep so much, enjoy your weekend!

jody said...

it is so great to take the time and see all the surrounding. listening and watching. so great! love all your stitching and such!
enjoy your day!