Mid Week Musings...

I love this time of year. 
When the tulips arrive in the flower case
at the store...
I treat myself to a weekly bouquet.
They always seem to pick me up
brighten things up a tad.
Aren't they pretty?
I used them in the photo shoot for
April's Word Play pattern cover.
Their orang-ish petals 
worked perfectly...

 * * * * * * * 

 Look what arrived today...
teeny tiny little pad lock charms.
they measure about 1/2" tall and are available in gold and silver.
 They are darling...makes me want to create something with them,
right now...
but, I can't
there are too many other things
that need finishing at the moment...
 * * * * * * * 

And lastly,
we now have the 35 count Abecedarian linen back in stock
for those of you waiting for this. 
If you had it on backorder with us,
your linen is on it's way to you!

* * * * * *
It's that time of year,
working long & hard days
filling orders (thank you thank you),
the evenings are spent finishing up cross stitch designs,
then the printing and packaging 
of them,
for the quickly approaching TNNA show...
I find myself
craving some
"me time"...
Some time to just sit in a chair 
without my groovy magnifiers on,
and no 
needle and hoop in hand.
No counting.
Just me,
in the chair,
doing nothing...

The demand of this business
wears me
I've got my big girl panties on
I'll survive!

so much to do,
so little time... 

Have a good evening,


~*Shar*~ said...

Tulips are my favorite flower hun; I also love seeing them in the stores. I am working on my Feb Word Play; I absolutly love this series...your so creative..:) I also think I need a few of these little locks; I don't know what for yet...but I'm sure I'll find something..lol

Hugs, Shar

Pat said...

Hi Brenda, An old friend from Holland told me a hint to keep your tulips standing straight. I have tried it and it works. Stick a pin thru the top of the stem near the flower. Just run it thru and then pull it out. I love tulips too.

Julie M said...

Love the orange tulips! Love the Word Play series. Will we see you at Nashville?

Penny said...

The tulips are so pretty. Love tulips! Just want to "Thank You" for all your time and hard work in designing all the wonderful patterns you do. They are amongst my very favorites to stitch.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful Tulips!!!
My bouquets for my wedding were tulips ~ I love tulips!
Thanks so much for working so hard so we can all enjoy a little stitch'n time.
Prim Blessings

Mouse said...

ohhh those tulips are gorgeous and do brighten the day up
*passes large mug of tea for you to sit awhile and savour..... before getting back to stuff ...
love the look of that linen too :)
love mouse xxxx

pam said...

I bought some flowers this week as well for a little pick me up. Didn't think about it being the season to need them. We needlework folks can be real slave drivers. Do take a minute to refresh yourself.

Audrey said...

Your word play series is wonderful! As soon as I get some things caught up, I intend to get going on it - why are series projects so appealing to me? I love the tulips - it means spring is soon on it's way. Take some time for you today, ok??

cucki said...

i love tulips too..i love word play series so much..
big hugs cucki xx

Lady Truffle said...

Brenda, your hard work does not go un-noticed. I love your blog and your designs and website rock! I also had tulips for my wedding and the straight pin through the neck and triming the stems and new water every day will keep them for longer then a week to 10 days, so ENJOY! By-the-way I made the crock pot cherry cobbler and my husband and I ate it last night. It was fantastic! Thanks again!