In a chocolate coma...

not quite,
I will be 
when I get through 
both layers of chocolates!

Come on,
 don't let me eat chocolates by myself...
go on out
 and buy yourself
 a 12 oz box of Whitman's. 
The Whitman's Sampler,
a collection of assorted chocolates...
And while your sinking your teeth
 into the chocolatey nugget,
take a look at the lid of the box... 
A basket of flowers, the bluebirds in the corners,
the wavy cross stitched border...
and yes,
they are done in tiny little cross stitches!
when you've consumed the whole box of chocolates,
I repeat,
we are going to
repurpose the box
into another stitching ditty!
 Watch for a future 
cross stitch design
 using the empty box...
will keep you posted.
It's going to be special...
  The idea is in it's early stages,
 just some scribbles in the sketch pad.

X X X X X X X 

Coming soon!
These are so small & sweet!
They feature tiny little photo pendants (1/2" - less then an inch)
 of antique samplers.
Tiny little charms and natural beads
are carefully attached 
and all hang
from a brooch
 that measures less then 2" across. 
  They make such a cute clanging noise 
when you wear them...
reminds me of my charm bracelet days! 
 I'm in the process of working on this collection. 
 Hoping to have 4 or 5 brooch choices to start with.
  More info on these to follow.  

 I now have stork charms,
which means,
more floss keeps will be coming!

Happy Thursday Everyone...
we are having a mix of rain/wet heavy snow today,


Vickie said...

Excuses for chocolate? Fabulous! I started a new blog 2 days ago if you care to take a look. http://astitchersstory.blogspot.com/

~*Sharee*~ said...

I'm going to go out and buy a box today!!!!Can't wait to see what you have in mind...

Hugs, Shar

Rachel said...

Can't wait to see your beautiful design for the box!! Can't hardly wait!!

Annette-California said...

LOL...After Valentines sales I had seen this box somewhere but thought Oh no! Now I can go back:)
Looking forward to see what you are going to do.

sue said...

Love the brooch! Can't wait to see what you do with the chocolate box. and you never need an excuse for chocolate.

edie said...

BRENDA!!!! I HAD to eat two of the heart boxes of candy, now more -- oh, well, if I HAVE to. Walmart and/or Whitman's should be giving you a commission. Brooches are a gottahave for sure. Go take a Zantac and eat the rest of the chocolate. Thanks so much for your blog!

Bertie said...

Oh yes a lovely Whitman design, I shall look forward to that. I do have a design, but it's not good.
Thank you!!

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Walgreens, Here I Come!!! Any excuse to eat chocolate is a good one!! That is what I told my husband with the heart shaped box! lol I am a diabetic, so.. It takes me awhile to eat through a box.. Can't wait to see what you will do with a design for Whitmman's box!

denise said...

i can't wait! i love the valentine one. i even have 3 extra boxes to do more. denise

pj said...

Another box idea? Great...can't wait to see it and will get my box of chocolates today! AND I AM THRILLED with this new brooch idea...I love pins and sure do hope I can purchase one as soon as they are ready! I am still waiting for a floss tag and never seem to be the first in line as I don't sit right by my computer all day!!!!! Can you have a waiting list so that ones who haven't even had the chance to purchase one can get it? See, we love your ideas!!!!

We have a white morning here too and love the bird watching against the frosting!!!! Enjoy! pj

DebbieSFL said...

Bought my box today, but bought the ALL dark chocolate box-only diffence is the ribbon on the front is purple.

csbowlin said...

Oh dang, I have to eat another box of chocolates? Oh well. At least, chocolate's not just for breakfast.
Can't wait to see the new project! Hmmmm, do you think you could come up with a chocolate box for a 4th of July project, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas too?

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