Linen is here!!

The Confederate Grey 40 count linen arrived
I'm doing the happy dance!!!!!

Tis been a long wait,
and you are all
start stitchin'
Stitcher's Purse pattern,

It's quite a sickening feeling,
believe me,
when you release
a new chart
only to find
you can't get your hands
on the linen
to support the chart.

It can be quite tricky
to have everything
come together
at the same time...

We thank you all for your patience!

The linen is beautiful
I'd like to say,
it's worth the wait!

We started shipping all back orders
of this linen
should have every ones
and on its way
to them
by days end.

We're hopeful
that the 30 count Parchment linen
will follow
very soon like
for those of you
that are waiting for it.
We have another shipment
of the
35 count Abecedarian linen
due to arrive
any day as well.

And more news...
New stitching goodies are now posted on our website
NEW buttons
NEW scissors
NEW needle minders
NEW patterns
with more
NEW goodies arriving weekly!

And lastly,
a shout out to those of you who are stitching our monthly
Word Play series...
the December pattern releases on November 1st
along with some other NEW arrivals!

With thy Needle & Thread,


Syd said...

WOOHOO! I can finally start. I will be patiently checking the mail for my fabric. Thanks for the quick turn around time.

Anonymous said...

YIPPEE...I got mine yesterday...so now I'm working EXTRA hard to finish the project I'm working on so I can get started!

ซิม28 said...

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