Calling all eagle-cam lovers...

The new cameras/microphone, etc
have been installed
and the Decorah, IA eagle cam is rolling folks!

I've been enjoying my morning cup of coffee watching Mother eagle (I think)
perched upon the famous branch with the famous white barn in the background. She is just taking in the morning sun on the beautiful Iowa autumn morning.

The parents have already begun to ready their nest for their next set of young. Dad has started his construction process,
you guessed it,
putting branches where Mom doesn't want them!

Here is the link if you want to take a peek
or even,
spend the whole weekend watching eagles.
Like we've never done that before,

The above photo is D1,
or the first hatched, from the past years nest....so beautiful!
The eagle is banded with transmitters and
this photo was shot near Yellow Lake, WI.

And here's a fun YouTube link to some of the nest
re-constructing going on!

Enjoy the eagles,


Dinie said...

Thanks Brenda, I have been wondering when they would start "keeping house" again, I just peeked and it seems the camera's are fantastic. Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

I have been checking in for weeks...watching M/D reconstruct the nest is sometimes frustrating for me..I could help I have hands...but they seem to get it done.Can hardly wait for eggs to watch..now doesn't that sound sad.......Mary V

MoonBeam said...

Oh, fun. I'll have to check in and bookmark it again. And maybe get back to stitching on "Soar" again!


Genny said...

Oh no!! Now, I won't get anything done. LOL I've been addicted to the Decorah eagles and their offspring.

tara said...

beautiful your picture!

BARBARA said...

I so enjoyed watching the eagles last year and look forward to seeing them again. My husband put the link at his office for all to watch as did many of my friends. Thanks again for sharing this link, Brenda!

lisa said...

Beautiful birds! The nest at Norfolk in Virginia where the Mom eagle was killed by a plane last spring has seen the male and a new female working on last years nest!! WooHoo-the cycle goes on.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem like it is time to start watching again. D1 is just beautiful. It seems like just yesterday I remember him taking his first bit...Oh wait, it wasn't that long ago.
I will have to get plugged in to the web cam this week. Have you started thinking of a new design for all of us eagle stitchers or are you going there again this year? Just curious.