This is totally amazing...

While perusing on pinterest.com one day
I came upon the miniature carvings of Dalton Ghetti.
I was immediately captivated...
and we all thought
working over 1 thread
on 40 count linen
was intricate work...

Dalton actually uses a needle as a carving tool.

It always amazes me what people
use for their foundation
of art...
Whether it be canvas, clay, glass,
or lead...
Pencil lead.
Disposed pencils,
mostly of which are found on the streets.

Look at this folks...that chain is made from the lead...

And of course,
the needle and thread
is my personal favorite

that button
carved on the carpenters pencil
is a very close 2nd...

Dalton does not sell his artwork,
he only gifts it to friends and family.
I'm thinking he might be,
like maybe,
something like,
15th cousin
or something...
how about you?

If you are lucky enough
to live
a hop
a skip
or a jump
of Chester CT,
his work is now on display
through October 10th
at the Lori Warner Studio/Gallery.

Have a good day everyone,


gracie said...

So amazing! Thank you for finding and sharing.....

sharon said...

Beautiful and amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us.

lenna said...

You have a great blog!!! I am now a follower and I ordered your mystery sampler and I will just do one at a time like they will just be coming.
You do beautiful, wonderful patterns ~ thanks so much.
Love your finished pieces too. I will be back, later to view some more luscious things.
God Bless ~

lenna said...

Forgot about that amazing pencil guy. Why not be a first cousin, once removed. Think that would get us a pencil. Amazing is all I can say. I could stitch it but I could never carve it like that. What a talent. Maybe in another life.
Take care and keep up the wonderful designs.

Mouse said...

wow that is fabulous .... what a brilliant talent to do that ... the connection is there ,lol see if it works heheheh love mouse xxxx

Dani - tkdchick said...

That's amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Penny said...

Crazy good stuff!! I can't imagine the patience it would take to do something like that!!

Cindy said...

How cool is that! Thanks for sharing.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Holy COW!! That's unbelievable! I have problems just sharpening a pencil!! Think I'm gonna go do a little genealogy search of my own to see what I can come up with! ;o) (And, the first thing I thought about before looking at the video was what his hands and fingers must look like - they looked exactly as I thought they might!) TFS!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

MoonBeam said...

Amazing...definitely makes stitching on 40 count look like a breeze! Really interesting.

ItsMeMom said...

Isn't this guy amazing. I saw him on Pinterest a few months ago. I love the needle, thread and THAT BUTTON! Did you see the entire alphabet he did? No words...

deb-bee said...

Boy, he found his talent! I wonder what he does for a living. I would be selling some of those. ;-)I'm still looking for what my REAL talent is. Brenda, I know you found yours, your designs are beautiful. bee-hugs, Debby

Dorothy said...

Thank you for showing all the pencil pictures. They are amazing.

Daughternature Primitive Folk Art said...

So cool! LOL... yes, I think I do recall a cousin by his name. Love your blog. - BJ

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