Good Thursday Morning...

Enjoying my morning cup of coffee
color planning.
I love color.
I love playing with color.
Trying to achieve that same
The beautiful hand dyed flosses
are wonderful
for helping us achieve
these lovely
faded shades of color.
I'm being a squirrel here...
I'm doing some planning and preparing
this morning
for my winter-time stitching.
This antique reproduction sampler
will be my "in between" project
for the upcoming winter months.
Thinking and hoping
for an early 2012
release on this one.

And speaking of lovely color...
My Surprise Lillies are now standing
full attention towards the late-summer skies,
planted randomly here and there,
throughout my flower beds.
I think they are multiplying
as their seems to be an abundance
of them!
I always toil with the question,
do I cut a bouquet and bring them in the house to enjoy,
or leave them outdoors?

Due to their abundance,
I've decided to bring them indoors
to enjoy.
Their aroma is splendid
their petals of faded pink
are so delicate and dainty...

and they remind me
of this photo,
taken 1 year ago...


I'm getting photo updates
from model stitcher, Suzanne
of the
Sampler of the Season Sampler
it is looking wonderful...
can not wait to see it in person!
Watch for it's release date
on the
first day of autumn.

Have a good one everyone,


BrendaS said...

Your sampler looks wonderful as always! Can't believe that Fall will be here before we know it.

Sherry said...

The lilies are beautiful! Such a soft pink. The colors chosen for your sampler made my knees weak! Yum!

janice15 said...

Your things are so lovely indeed...I always have that same problem with my gladiolus..they look so beautiful in the garden..and I can't always decide to cut them or not. Happy Thursday...

Jennifer M. said...

Those colors you were playing with are gorgeous. I could just stare at those and feel relaxed. The flowers are beautiful and I love the picture of the baby in black and white with the colored flowers. Too pretty!

I am so ready for cooler weather. I live in Miami so the winter (cause we don't feel fall) is the only time the humidity and rain let up.

Enjoy your day. I do look forward to seeing your designs. All are gorgeous. :)


butterfly said...

Lilies are so beautiful i love the pastel shade to

Penny said...

I love the colors on your "in between piece". Beautiful flowers. Sweet little grandson.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Beautiful lilies, Brenda...funny - I do that too - "to cut, or not to cut?" Hmmmm....Think you've captured yesterday perfectly with the colors for your squirrel project! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

marly said...

The more I see your new purse, and now the glimpse of another sampler with a grayish linen, Im kicking myself for getting rid of mine! I couldn't imagine and never found a sampler I liked for a grayish ground. I was so wrong!!!

deb-bee said...

I have the same lilies. My grandparents gave them to me 36 years ago. My grandpa called them "Resurrection Lilies" because they have leaves in Spring, that die back and after a good rain in August they send up a stalk with the blooming lilies. I always think of my grandpa when they bloom. (Lycoris squamigera)

I love the colors you're picking out for your sampler. Have a nice weekend.

carol fun said...

I'm loving the looks of this sampler. Your lilies are so pretty - around here (Ohio Kentucky) we call them Naked Ladies because they don't have leaves - but it is a surprise when ever they spring up! LOL -

mdgtjulie said...

Sounds like you're doing well, Brenda. I'm glad. Love your lilies. They are beautiful. And your floss colors are lovely too. Keep up the good work!!

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