Our country's bird...you must see this!

Since I've kind of been stuck on bird topics the past few posts, I thought I'd share with you all an amazing web-cam of a pair of nesting eagles here in Iowa. These eagles have been followed since 2002 and until only recently the taping of these magnificent birds has now been made public via the Internet for all of us to view. The exact location of this pair is not given, to protect their safety.

There are three eggs in the nest. The eggs were laid in late February with babies due in early April. Watch as the eagle carefully turns the eggs and then adjusts and tidies up the nest. I'm noticing steam from the breath of momma eagle this morning...It must be a big task keeping those eggs warm this time of year, when it still gets below freezing here at night.

Here is the link, enjoy!
Remember this is a 24-7 web cam in the Central Time zone in the USA. If it is night time here, the viewing will be darker and you may even catch the momma sleeping. This is an audio as well as video web-cam....so turn up your speakers to hear the eagles occasional shrill as she communicates with the Mr....I think she is really telling him to get home with dinner!! You'll also hear sparrows tweeting, blue jays squawking and cardinals singing their courting songs in the background...it's like listening to one of those natures Cd's to bring upon relaxation!
Enjoy this "bird's eye view" of this amazing pair of eagles on their journey from egg laying, to eggs hatched, to caring and providing for hungry little bird mouths, to fledglings leaving the nest....these are amazing birds! The males wing span measures 90"...they are much larger then what the bird appears in the viewing. This particular nest is 80 feet from the ground, is 5' x 6' in size and weighs 1.5 tons....wow!
Be for warned though...you are going to see a fish, a bunny or squirrel or two that have succumbed to the powerful claws of this mighty bird before the fledglings leave the nest. This is what they depend on for food.
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Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

How cool is that?! Thanks, Brenda!

Frances said...

I watched the mother eagle--how wonderful! I'm going to check in several times a day! Very interesting--thanks for sharing!

Patty ♣ said...

Thank you Brenda! We have the Allen Hummingbird cam out here on U Stream.
I love checking in on the birds!

Patty ♣ said...


That is the link for the Channel Islands Allen Hummingbird cam...♥

sunny said...

There is a nest near here with an Eagle cam, and the first of two eggs should hatch within the next two days. I've been following the nest since 2006, and it's so exciting! Thanks for sharing this next.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for posting the link, my kids are going to love watching the video throughout the day. We have an eagle's nest about a mile from our house. We see them fly over our house once in a while, but this is awesome! Thank you in assisting our science class Brenda. I am calling you our assistant science teacher!

Natalia said...

This is awesome !!! Thanks for sharing, Brenda... Can't wait to send it to my brother. He loves eagles !!