Just sitting here -
patiently waiting

much like a bird on her nest


waiting for her new arrivals to appear.

NEW spring-time arrivals coming soon!
The wait is about over...

See the cute little grass-lined bird's nest? See the robin & quails eggs above? When the order of these arrived it was like a fresh breath of spring-time air...even though it was 20 degrees below zero the day they arrived. These sweet spring spirited items are now available for purchase on our website. Yesterday I tucked a dozen of them in an antique Ball jar with a zinc lid...simply wonderful!

I sat down last night and got my dear Ann Dickinson sampler out. I haven't had that piece in my hands for over 2 weeks. After 30 minutes of stitching, I realized I had used the wrong color of floss for the houses roof top...so needless to say not much progress was made. I hope to get back to some serious stitching on this piece, once again...error free stitching, of course!

Have a good week, gonna be another arctic blast coming our way this week....ugghhhh!


Sue said...

So sweet. Your blog is lovely and peaceful and your work is beautiful!

So glad I found you:)

The French Bear said...

Love the little nest and the eggs....nothing says Spring like a bird's nest!
The peek of the little chick is so sweet...can't wait!
Margaret B

Suzanne said...

Awwww, the little chickie is adorable. Stephanie absolutely loves this sneak peek, she wants me to make this one for her:) My budding little needleworker!

Love the photos, you need to make a book. It would be exquisite Brenda!

allcounty said...

Love checking your blog.... :o)

Laurie said...

the pictures are so refreshing and welcome...stay warm my friend :)